Firefighters brave and caring lot, and worthy of praise

Firefighters battling the forest fires under difficult conditions. — Filepic

Firefighters battling the forest fires under difficult conditions. — Filepic

MIRI: It has been more than a month since the forest fires began in northern Sarawak and our firefighters from Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department have been in fiery battles.

Though these wildfires are still posing environmental woes, these gallant firefighters deserve praise for their efforts to contain them.

It is a difficult and dangerous job as the fires can rage beyond control.

The fires in Miri and Kuala Baram are a constant threat and yet our firefighters are working round the clock to put them out.

We appreciate them. They are worthy of praise.

Many times they even go beyond the call of duty.

They have helped to save a stranded whale along with Kampung Siwak Bakam folk last year.

The Miri Fire and Rescue Department could have pushed the task to the wildlife, marine or fisheries departments but they did not.

They responded immediately when alerted by the villagers about the stranded whale.

The 10m-long whale, weighing about 1.5 tonnes, was found stranded along a beach.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel and villagers helped the beached whale along the shores fronting South China Sea by gently pushing it back into deeper waters.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said his department will gladly take on tasks to help both humans and animals.

“When we are called to help in any situation, we will respond positively,” he said.

The efforts to save the whale was highlighted in The Star online news and Star TV and the story and video was shared many times by viewers.

The news was shared by foreign news portals too.

Sarawak Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian praised those involved in saving the whale.

The firefighters truly deserve praise for their readiness to help in any situation.

Whether it is a fire, floods, landslide, boat tragedy, forest fires, missing person’s case, collapsed building, road accidents, or capturing snakes and rescuing trapped animals, they do all they can to help.

They often go beyond their call of duty to help those in need despite the risks involved.

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