Over 3,000 orang asli school dropouts in span of 10 years

A TOTAL of 3,039 orang asli secondary school students in Perak have dropped out of school in the past 10 years.

State executive councillor Asmuni Awi said there were 111 primary school dropouts between 2008 and 2018.

“Some of the parents don’t care about their children’s education, so they don’t force them to go to school.

“The orang asli children are also not used to mixing with people, and there is a lack of motivation on the importance of education from the surrounding community.

“The state and Federal Government are taking initiatives to address this issue,” he said when replying to Ng Shy Ching (PH-Teja).

Asmuni said 6,912 orang asli pupils completed Year Six, while 4,111 completed Form Five.

He said a task force to prevent truancy was established by the Orang Asli Development Department (Jakoa), district education office and the respective schools.

“Jakoa has been working with several parties to create education awareness in hotspot villages.

“To encourage students to go to school, Jakoa gave pocket money to secondary school students, including rationing of food and transportation to the schools,” he added.

Asmuni said stationery fees were also paid directly to school cooperatives for the students, a presentation of excellent student awards was held, and scholarships were provided to those who furthered their studies in public higher education institutions.