Dog rescuers need funds to build retaining wall for Rawang sanctuary

Lai surrounded by MDDB’s dogs, mostly rescued off the streets when they were pups.

FOR the past 10 years, Christine Lai has had her hands full finding homes for rescued stray puppies.

Lai, who is canine welfare group Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) adoption coordinator, recalls how easy it used to be to find good homes for the animals.

“When we started off in 2008, we would succeed in finding homes for at least 30 puppies every time we held adoption drives,’’ said Lai, 57.

However, things are no longer the same and MDDB now only has an adoption rate of 10 or less puppies a month.

“This is because many people own dogs and many rescue organisations that hold adoption drives have also sprouted up within the last decade,’’ she said.

However, the number of stray puppies has increased and MDDB still rescues them in spite of the low adoption rates.

“If we don’t rescue them, the puppies will become road kill or get caught by the dog catchers and die a miserable death.”

Due to the low adoption rates and the increase in rescue cases, MDDB now has 165 dogs under its care.

Most of the dogs were rescued as puppies and the volunteers were unsuccessful in finding good homes for them.

MDDB had no choice but to build a shelter in Rawang, which is still under construction.

“Our half-way homes are facing severe congestion and we had to build a sanctuary to give the puppies a better quality of life,’’ said Lai.

Currently, the sanctuary enclosures and structures are ready but the rescue group was advised to build a retaining wall and external drainage system.

“The sanctuary sits on elevated land and this may not be safe for the structures when there is heavy rainfall,’’ said Lai.

“We have fully paid up for the internal structures as well as electrical wiring and plumbing.

“All that is left is for the external drainage system and retaining wall and buying eight lorries worth of rocks at RM500 per load,’’ said Lai.

She said MDDB had no choice but to reach out to the public for help.

“We are grateful to receive any amount to go towards paying our contractor,’’ added Lai.

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