‘Close internal road now’

Residents living along Jalan SS24/10 are unhappy about the number of vehicles using the road.

TAMAN Megah residents living along Jalan SS24/10 in Petaling Jaya want the authorities to close the road to non-residents.

They want the intersection of Jalan SS24/10 and Jalan SS24/1 closed as many motorists who do not live in the neighbourhood used the internal road.

Long-time resident Lai Y.Y. said there was heavy traffic in front of her double-storey terrace house almost every day.

“We want the road to be closed immediately and not wait for four years for a nearby project to be completed.

“Most of the residents living in other lanes have closed their roads to non-residents so all the traffic is diverted to Jalan SS24/10.

“Even vehicles from the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) are using our road and this has led to bad congestion especially during peak hours and on school days,” said Lai who represented about 30 house owners.

In response to residents’ complaints, the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) said in a letter that vehicles from Jalan SS24/1 would no longer be able to turn into Jalan SS24/10.

However, motorists coming from Jalan SS24/10 would still be able to turn into Jalan SS24/1.

Vehicles would be allowed to make a U-turn at the edge of the road divider at Jalan SS24/1 near the LDP.

Lai said they wanted the diversion done now, and not in four years when a new development nearby is completed.

She said it was not fair for residents of Jalan SS24/10 to have to bear traffic congestion as the other internal roads have been closed.

“Other internal roads should be opened too. This will help disperse the traffic. Now the bulk of the traffic is on Jalan 24/10.”

Lai said the traffic was so bad that residents found it difficult to reverse out of their own houses.

An MBPJ spokesman said the road plans were decided based on discussions with Taman Megah residents.

He said the council came up with the best solution, taking into consideration the interests of all parties.

“We can only allow partial closure of Jalan SS24/10. This is the best solution for the long-term. Usually developers will do the necessary road changes just before completing their project.

“In this case, the projects will only be completed in about four years,” he said.

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