Retired folk can still work

JOHOR BARU: The state government of Johor wants to encourage senior citizens to return and be part of the workforce.

“The Johor government wants to encourage the older generation to come back to the working community, based on their capability,” said State Women Development and Tourism committee chairman Liow Cai Tung.

She added the number of senior citizens in Johor was expected to increase by 2035.

Liow (middle) attending a group table discussion with NGOs.
Liow (middle) attending a group table discussion with NGOs. 

“We have formed a special committee which I am chairman of, and a meeting was conducted two months ago where we discussed empowering our senior citizens here,” she said.

Liow said this after chairing a roundtable meeting with some 59 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) here.

She pointed out several countries have implemented similar programmes in which companies employed their elderly.

“We will match the employment with the senior citizens’ capabilities; they will not be doing heavy jobs but easy tasks such as being a cashier.

“Besides senior citizens, we are also trying to get single mothers to join this programme as well,” she said, adding that the state government was hopeful in attracting the private sector to be part of the programme.

In an unrelated matter, Liow said Johor wants to address the issue of unregistered kindergartens in the state.

She said only 10% of kindergartens throughout the country, including in Johor, were registered with the authorities.

Liow stressed that the government would be working closely with NGOs, and wants them to become the eyes and ears of the authorities in identifying unregistered kindergartens.

“We want to ensure these kindergartens adhere to rules and regulations set by the authorities, especially in terms of their workers as well as children’s safety.

“The state government does not have any intention of punishing them, but we want them to come forward so that we can assist in their registration,” she added.