Drinks company to open 20 kiosks by year-end

Loh at the CoolBlog X kiosk at Angsana Mall in Johor Baru.

Loh at the CoolBlog X kiosk at Angsana Mall in Johor Baru.

JOHOR BARU: Coolblog Group of Companies plans to open 20 Coolblog X kiosks in Johor Baru and Kuala Lumpur by the end of the year.

Chief executive officer Keith Loh said the kiosk concept was different from the company’s existing Coolblog full-fledged outlet as the former offered mobility to the kiosk operators.

“We are looking at shopping malls, integrated transportation terminals, LRT and MRT stations with high human traffic,” he said at the unveiling of the first Coolblog X at Angsana Mall Johor Baru.

Loh said the kiosk only offered 10 best-selling drinks for customers to choose from, unlike the full-fledged outlet where customers could mix their own drinks or settle for drinks on the drinks list.

He said the 10 best-selling drinks were Bandung original milk, Bandung chocolate milk, coconut mango, coconut yam, honeydew milk, watermelon milk, apple juice, mango juice, strawberry juice and chocolate milk.

“Out of the 20 kiosks, five will be company-owned and 15 under franchise,” said Loh, adding that currently it has 230 full-fledged Coolblog outlets, of which 50 were owned by the company and 180 franchise based.

He said the franchising fee for the kiosk was RM35,000, with the business concept suitable for young entrepreneurs and fresh graduates who wanted to venture into micro business. Loh said the company would assist those interested in the franchising but with no financial means to secure loans from SME Bank or government agencies offering financial allocations for micro businesses.

“The beauty of the kiosk concept is that you can set up it anywhere as it does not require a big space. It has flexibility to move around,” said Loh.

He said the kiosk concept also did not require many workers as two people were sufficient to operate the kiosk on shift basis, adding the RM35,000 investment could be recouped within a year.

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