Traffic management system proposed along Alor Gajah-Melaka-Jasin Highway

Stagebus services managed by Panorama expected to resolve commuters woes. — Filepic

Stagebus services managed by Panorama expected to resolve commuters woes. — Filepic

MELAKA: Motorists using the Alor Gajah-Melaka-Jasin (AMJ) Highway that is known for its incredibly slow-moving traffic can now sigh with relief as the public works, transport and amenities committee chairman Mohd Sofi Abd Wahab is proposing a traffic management system in the area.

This system will reduce the waiting time at 20 traffic lights junctions along the AMJ stretch.

“Waiting time at these junctions would be cut short with the proper management of traffic lights.

“Currently, the traffic lights along AMJ have fixed timer irrespective of the volume of vehicles at one junction,” he said.

Mohd Sofi said the proposed system would automatically change according to the number of vehicles along the road at a particular junction.

“We could divert the traffic according to the number of vehicles as well as integrate traffic flow.

“For example, if there is less number of vehicles on one side and more on the other side, the central control hub of the system would automatically give more time for the road that has more vehicles,” he said.

Mohd Sofi said the state Public Works Department (PWD) has identified 20 junctions along AMJ and another 15 on Sungai Udang-Paya Rumput-Ayer Keroh(SPA) highway to kick-start the project.

“A hub would be managed by PWD to analyse the traffic congestion and integrated traffic management system,” he said.

AMJ connects several housing estates here and used daily by thousands of locals.

A normal drive from the city centre to Pulau Sebang in Alor Gajah takes about 50 minutes, and could take almost two hours during congestion.

On another matter, Mohd Sofi said the stagebus services managed by Panorama will resolve the woes faced by commuters when 40 buseshit the road by the end of this month.

He said the state-owned bus concessionaire has engaged three private bus companies to meet demand along busy routes.

Melaka’s private stagebus operation came to a halt in 2012 after the service was consolidated into one concessionaire managed by Panorama.

Previously, there were 10 private operators servicing about 130 routes in the state, including to nearby Tangkak, Muar towns in Johor and Tampin in Negri Sembilan.

The decision to acquire the stagebus service by the then state government was reached following a slew of complaints about operators facing losses due to insufficient passengers.

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