Dengue a bane in Sri Mersing area

Drains in the neighbourhood are not properly cleaned and residents worry that mosquitoes will breed in empty cans or plastic bags.

Drains in the neighbourhood are not properly cleaned and residents worry that mosquitoes will breed in empty cans or plastic bags.

A SURGE in dengue cases in Taman Sri Andalas (Phase 7) in Klang over the past few months, has left residents worried and they want the authorities to take action.

Since May, there have been at least two dengue cases a week in the Sri Mersing area, which consists of 300 houses.

Over the past month, four families contracted dengue in Jalan Sri Mersing 34 and another three families in Jalan Sri Mersing 33.

Residents are urging the authorities to give priority to the dengue situation in their area, and help bring down the number of cases.

“My father died of dengue early last month. I believe this is the first death in this area due to the fever,” said resident Rashid Gelamdin.

His father was diagnosed with dengue haemorrhagic fever and succumbed to the disease a week later.

This form of dengue causes internal bleeding and damage to the organs.

Following the death of Rashid’s father, Klang Municipal Council (MPK) Health Department officers carried out fogging in the neighbourhood and checked the house thoroughly for Aedes breeding spots.

“In fact, before my dad got it, my nephew was admitted to hospital for dengue in June during Hari Raya. After that, my sister was also hospitalised for dengue,” he said.

On July 15, MPK organised a gotong-royong with the community and found 39 mosquito breeding spots within the Sri Mersing neighbourhood.

“I am not sure how many spots were found inside or outside houses but with that many breeding spots found, it is indeed worrying,” he said.

His sister, Rashidah Gelamdin, added that little was done to improve cleanliness in the area despite the number of dengue cases recorded.

“I was told that Aedes mosquitoes can breed in even 5ml of water.

“With the rainy season and rubbish everywhere as well as clogged drains in this neighbourhood, it is easy for mosquitoes to breed,” she said.

Rashidah, who was hospitalised for about six days for dengue, hoped MPK would improve its services.

“I think they should wake up and look around as this place is really filthy,” she said.

Residents also want to know what measures MPK will take to bring down the number of cases.

They claimed to have often seen contractors blowing leaves into the drain instead of bagging them up to dispose of them properly, and that there were empty cans or even plastic bags in drains that tend to collect water.

Another resident complained that her mother and brother were also admitted to hospital for dengue and after fogging the area, there had been no follow-up action by MPK.

It was previously reported that 5,816 dengue cases were recorded between January and July 21 this year, with only one death.

Eighteen hotspots have been identified in Klang as of Aug 5.

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