MP: We will stop unfair allocation of low-cost homes

Akmal (standing) interacting with guests at the Hari Raya gathering.

Akmal (standing) interacting with guests at the Hari Raya gathering.

JOHOR BARU: There are several pressing issues in the Johor Baru constituency that need immediate attention and solutions, said Johor Baru MP Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir.

He said the main issue was unfair allocation of low-cost and medium low-cost flats to squatters in the Johor Baru area.

“There are malpractices or misuse of power in the allocation of the flats and we want to stop this,” he said during the Johor Baru parliamentary Hari Raya open house at SJK(C) Foon Yew 1 in Taman Kebun Teh.

Akmal said there were cases where those not eligible were allocated the units and eligible candidates denied their right to rent or own the houses.

He said some of the recipients were given more than one house, adding that the second or even the third units were then usually rented out.

“Some even rent their units to foreigners, with the owners living elsewhere as they already own houses,” said Akmal.

Akmal said another matter that needed immediate attention was lack of parking lots for motorists, especially in downtown Johor Baru.

“I am aware of indiscriminate parking by some motorists as there is insufficient parking space. I will address this matter with relevant stakeholders and find a solution,” he said.

On cleanliness in Johor Baru city, Akmal said he was quite satisfied with the level, adding more efforts were needed by the Johor Baru City Counicl to keep Johor Baru clean.

He said Johor Baru folk must also do their part to keep the city clean as it was the main entry point for visitors to Malaysia using the Causeway.