Sibu DAP lodges report over solar hybrid project

Ling (right) and Lau with the MACC report they lodged.

Ling (right) and Lau with the MACC report they lodged.

SIBU: Sibu DAP has lodged a report on the RM1.25bil solar hybrid project, hoping that MACC would look into the case urgently.

Amy Lau, who is the Special Assistant to Sibu MP Oscar Ling, said yesterday that through making reports at various locations, pressure would build to make the case an urgent one for MACC.

Lau, who accompanied by Ling to the MACC office here, said that after Sarawak Report unveiled the scam involving the solar project for Sarawak schools, the fight against corruption continued to take place.

“People seem to feel unsurprised hearing about the case, as corruption cases are like a bottomless pit, waiting to be revealed one by one,” she remarked.

She said if Pakatan Harapan did not win in GE14, people would not know the level of corruption taking place in the country.

“The fact that a RM1.25bil project had been awarded directly to one company without an open tender would be sufficient proof of the unfairness of the previous government.

“To make it worse, a solar hybrid-related project was awarded to a car rental company. This is completely without logic and professionalism,” she added.

Lau hoped that the people would give the new Government some time to deal with such cases one by one.

“The Pakatan Government has promised that anyone who has violated the law will be subject to its sanctions,” she said.

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