Water supply resuming; rumours of more disruption untrue: Air S'gor

Residents in Taman Sri Muda Zone A collecting water from the water tanker yesterday.

Residents in Taman Sri Muda Zone A collecting water from the water tanker yesterday.

RUMOURS that water cut may be extended again are false, according to Air Selangor head of customer relations and communications Abdul Raof Ahmad.

He said water supply was now in the recovery process after the repair works and advised the public to refer to the official statement or updates on Air Selangor's website. 

Air Selangor was responding to the anxieties expressed by some resident who cited rumours of more water disruption. On the Kota Kemuning Facebook page, a resident voiced concerns over the low water pressure and yellowish water, and express fears that water may be cut again. 

Kota Kemuning resident Ahmad Zamil Shaharuddin said water supply in his house returned at 4am, but pressure was low and the water was dirty.

“I, too, am worried that water may be cut again because the supply is unstable,” he said. 

In Taman Sri Muda, resident Che Roslan said he had also heard rumors that water supply might be cut again. 

“I still have water saved in buckets, just in case of another water cut,” he said 

Roslan and his family of six managed to save enough water to last them until yesterday. He added that in his eight years living in Taman Sri Muda, this was the first time he had experienced such  a long water disruption. 

Taman Sri Muda Zone A resident association chairman T. Mogan checked his family into a hotel for two days.

“I also called the water tanker over to our neighbourhood, and it came yesterday. So far, the water pressure is still low so it will take some time for water to fill our tanks again,” he said. 

Taman Sri Muda Zone C Rukun Tetangga president M.Saykeran, who also lives in Taman Sri Muda, said there was no point whining about the water cut and that everyone should find a solution.

“My family and I went to a relative’s place to bathe, and I also bought drinking water from Klang because stock ran out in Taman Sri Muda and Kota Kemuning,” he said.

Some businesses were also affected.

A restaurant owner in Taman Sri Muda who wanted to be known as Selvarani said she had to buy paper plates and cups to sustain her business.

“People wanted to eat out because they had no water, so I had to buy paper plates and cups. And I collected water from another location,” she said.  

Selvarani added that she did not know where water tankers were stationed nor where she could go to get water supply.

“I hope more information could be shared next time because my workers have no time to check online for information,” she said.