UPP president throws support behind possible candidates

Wong (white shirt, centre) tossing ‘yee sang’ with other party members during a Chinese New Year gathering in Sibu.

Wong (white shirt, centre) tossing ‘yee sang’ with other party members during a Chinese New Year gathering in Sibu.

SIBU: United People’s Party (UPP) potential candidates for Sibu and Lanang seats, Datuk Andrew Wong and Andrew Ting, are ready to win back the seat for Barisan Nasional if they are selected to contest in the general election.

UPP president Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh said the duo had long being active on the ground at their respective constituencies for a long time.

“Both have been going around promoting the ambitious five-year Sibu development plan – ‘Rancangan Sibu 1’ to the people,” he said at the party’s Chinese New Year gathering on Monday night.

Wong, who is also International Trade and E-commerce Minister, said both would be very winnable candidates.

“Both have a high chance of winning the election, but we still need to wait for the Prime Minister to announce who will be the candidates for Barisan,” he added.

Wong said if the Rancangan Sibu 1 plan was carried out, the future of the town would be very bright as it was based on the development needs of Sibu, where new development strategies would be implemented that would improve the people’s overall livelihood.

“In fact, some of the projects under the Sibu five-year plan are already in progress.

“This includes a traffic study to improve traffic flow in the town as well as the installation of Aedes mosquito traps to reduce mosquito hotspots and overcome diseases caused by mosquitoes.

“We have also done a lot of things to help single mothers,” he said.

Wong also called on unity in the Chinese community here.

He said the community cannot be politically divided as it would not benefit anyone.

Wong, meanwhile, emphasised that Sibu’s five-year development plan was not limited to the Sibu parliamentary constituency but the entire town.

He said one of the plans under the scheme was to develop the agricultural sector here, where 10,000 entrepreneurs, especially farmers, will apply for government land to plant commercial crops.

The other proposed project was to build affordable apartments of 1,600 units, where 1,000 of them would have an area of 200sq m with three bedrooms which are priced at RM200,000 – a price that was cheaper than a Kuching unit.

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