MBPJ launches new smart centre

Mohd Azizi (standing, right), Petaling Jaya deputy mayor Johary Anuar (standing, second from right) and Sharipah Marhaini (standing, fifth from right) at the newly launched Mini Smart Centre.

Mohd Azizi (standing, right), Petaling Jaya deputy mayor Johary Anuar (standing, second from right) and Sharipah Marhaini (standing, fifth from right) at the newly launched Mini Smart Centre.

PETALING Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is stepping up its game by adopting a smart approach to develop, plan and manage the city.

The newly launched Petaling Jaya Mini Smart Centre, located in the Town Planning department at the MBPJ headquarters, offers a detailed overview of the city, including its infrastructure, traffic and environment.

MBPJ Town Planning director Sharipah Marhaini Syed Ali said digital images of Petaling Jaya have been captured in the system and 150,000 in the city plots have been recorded.

“The system gives us a live view of the Petaling Jaya and we can zoom in to see what is happening anywhere, including rooftops and construction sites,” she explained.

Officers from various departments input data into the smart system on a daily basis to help make information readily available to all staff.

The smart system covers five sectors – City Planning and Development, City Community Development, City Management and Enforcement, City Business and City Town Services.

At the moment, only the City Planning and Development sector is available while the rest will be introduced in phases.

“We will be integrating the system and stations in phases and we are aiming to have it all fully functional by end of next year,” said Sharipah Marhaini, adding that the smart centre was part of the council’s Smart PJ project that aimed to turn Petaling Jaya into a sustainable city by 2030.

The system also has a bus station mapping feature, where officers can see which stations need upgrading or maintenance, while its Universal Design compliance feature for buildings, pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes helps MBPJ maintain and improve the facilities.

“The mapping allows us to see which facility does not fully adhere to our universal design and how to make it barrier free,” Sharipah said.

There are also features to handle Safe City, green space mapping, integrated complaints system, waste management, licensing and enforcement and cleanliness.

The smart centre in the Town Planning department will be the main base and 10 mini centres, which will be set up in the other departments, will be synced to it.

“I’m really proud to have this smart centre as now we can better plan the city and make sound decisions based on this system as we now have a bird’s eye view of the whole city,” said Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohd Azizi, who launched the Petaling Jaya Mini Smart Centre.

He urged the Town Planning Department to focus on the disaster management feature for now, in light of the monsoon season.

The smart system is able to simulate heavy downpours and predict the effects of it beforehand, enabling officers to alert residents to evacuate before floods hit the area.

“I believe this should be prioritised for now so that we are ready and prepared for natural disasters,” he said.

Mohd Azizi also asked officers to input contact numbers of local leaders to make dissemination of information easier during emergencies.

Currently, there are 70 closed circuit televisions (CCTV) placed in various parts of Petaling Jaya and the mayor said there would be more soon.

“We already set aside RM6mil for CCTVs and I hope every part of the city will have a camera installed,” he said.

Currently, the CCTV in Section 52 commercial centre is not only used for traffic management but is also to call out litterbugs and illegal vendors.

“Our officers can speak through the camera to those on the streets and we are planning to extend this feature citywide next year,” he said.

All information will be made available to stakeholders and local leaders next year once the PJ Smart Centre building is built.

Construction will begin next year and the RM500,000 structure will be located within the grounds of MBPJ’s headquarters in Jalan Yong Shook Lin.