China a good market for local fruits and agro-based products

Sweet MD2 Pineapple is being exported to China starting this month. –filepic

Sweet MD2 Pineapple is being exported to China starting this month. –filepic

JOHOR BARU: There is money to be made from agriculture and agro-based products and youths should consider venturing into fruit farming.

State Tourism, Trade and Consumerism committee chairman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong said China would be the next important export destination for Malaysian fresh fruits.

He said apart from the 3-in-1 white coffee and bird's nest, demand for Musang King durians and MD2 pineapples were also on the rise from consumers in China.

“Prior to Malaysia exporting its bird's nest to China, the exotic product was priced at RM1,800 per kg and with the product now being exported to China, the price goes up to RM5,500 per kg,” said Tee.

He said this after launching the price control scheme in conjunction with Deepavali at Taman Nusa Bestari Giant Hypermarket here on Saturday.

Tee said the same goes for Musang King durians where the price of the thorny fruit had skyrocketed to about RM100 per kg after it was exported to China from RM20 per kg.

“We can expect the same for our MD2 pineapples, which has already started to be exported to China this month,” he said.

Tee said pineapple farmers in Johor would benefit the most as the state remains the main producer of pineapples in the country, with pineapple farms located in Pontian and Simpang Renggam.

He said instead of competing with Chinese manufacturers and exporters, Malaysian companies should go for products which were not easily available in China.

“China cannot grow durians and pineapples and they have to import the fruits, this is our advantage,” said Tee.

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