Woman seeking public donation for bone marrow transplant

(From right) Lim, Mok and Ai Gaik looking at Mok’s scars from previous treatments

(From right) Lim, Mok and Ai Gaik looking at Mok’s scars from previous treatments

THE family of a 27-year-old former education consultant is seeking public donations for her cancer treatment.

Mok Lee Ling, who was also the sole breadwinner of her family

was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in September last year.

Her mother Lim Ai Gaik, 56, said Mok first fainted due to lack of blood, which they brushed off as menstruation problems.

“Later, doctors performed a

biopsy on her and discovered she had leukaemia.

“We were all shocked; it was hard to digest and accept because it doesn’t run in the family,” said Ai Gaik, a divorcee.

Mok has undergone four chemotherapy sessions.

She said her first chemotherapy session was difficult and she had to stay in the hospital for one month.

“No one was allowed to visit because my immune system was low and I was prone to infection and fever,” she said, adding that she was now scheduled for a bone marrow transplant next month.

The transplant is estimated to cost RM60,000, she said, adding that she had to stop work to complete her treatment which would take at least a year.

Ai Gaik said they could not find a donor in Malaysia as her form of leukaemia was rare.

“Doctors had to look for stem cells from other countries, and we have to pay in Singapore dollars for both the stem cells and the donor’s expenses.

“I have to pay everything through my savings, and electricity bill is my top priority because my daughter cannot be exposed to the air outside, and the air-condition unit in my house is breaking down slowly,” she added.

The money from her mother’s insurance is depleting fast because Mok has to go to the hospital every week to conduct blood tests to monitor her blood level and platelet.

“Because the blood regenerates quickly, the cancer cell follows suit,” Mok added.

They family has also sought the help of Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lim Yi Wei.

“I hope the public will lend a helping hand because this is a young girl who has a whole life ahead of her, and in the meantime I will consult Welfare Department to look for available aid,” said Lim.

Those who want to help Mok financially and in kind can call 016-368 2682 (Aik Gaik).

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