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  • Friday, 9 Nov 2018

Kim showing the components of the innovative LG TWIN Wash which aims to redefine the laundry experience.

Kim showing the components of the innovative LG TWIN Wash which aims to redefine the laundry experience.

LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd managing director Kim Kyu Tae said the three most essential home appliances among Malaysians that meet these needs are refrigerators, washing machines with dryer functions as well as air-conditioners.

With LG, the company has seamlessly integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a wide range of its SmartThinQ devices and appliances to provide new levels of convenience.

“For the coming new year, we will try to expand those innovations into a whole lineup as well as to provide more contact points with consumers,” Kim said.

He said currently, the brand has 27 brand shops nationwide with plans to expand more.

“Our target is to have at least one brand shop in all the key cities in the country within the next two to three years,” he said.

InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators

Smart refrigerators are all the rage these days and LG hopes to lead the pack with its InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators.

“Keeping food fresh is important, since many families cook multiple times a day, so refrigeration is an important product to have in the home.

“Here, we have the right innovation and we have proven this in the high-end segment with the InstaView,” Kim said.

The InstaView refrigerators offer a highly energy-efficient and comfortable way to look inside without opening the door, meaning less cold air escapes and food stays fresh longer.

The lineup comes with a smooth glass panel that illuminates the interior with two simple knocks so users can conveniently scan the contents for faster and easier access.

The large Door-in-Door even provides storage space to maximize both flexibility and convenience. This useful compartment can be easily accessed through the hidden button under the refrigerator door and keeps food fresher longer by reducing cold air loss up to 41%.

The inbuilt AI will send reminders when cleaning is needed or due.

Through LG’s SmartThinQ, users can remotely control their refrigerator with their smartphone, enabling them to set the refrigera­tor temperature and diagnose appliance problems from the connected application.

There is a camera functionality where users can see inside the whole unit using the LG SmartThinQ app.

TWINWash washing machines

LG has targeted the home appliance market in Asia through the TWINWash technology, which allows the simultaneous washing of two separate loads of laundry.

It even offers minimal clothing damage while maximizing washing capability and reducing laundry time, redefining the laundry experience for consumers.

The main and mini washers can be operated independently or simultaneously, meaning it enables the washing of laundry items requiring separate settings (such as colors and whites, normal and delicates, large and small items, and clothing for adults and children).

The simultaneous running of two loads slashes cleaning time, with both wash cycles done in just 49 minutes.

The main front-loading washer also produces very little noise during the spin cycle and the eco-hybrid dryer function offers the ultimate all-in-one solution in a washer/dryer combo that meets everyday laundry needs.

The main washer uses LG’s exclusive advanced technologies, TrueSteam and TurboWash which helps to eliminate household allergens and minimises washing time.

The mini washer is perfect for small, delicate or specialised items needing unique cycles such as lingerie or baby clothes as well as smaller loads like for pillowcases and towels. This allows immediate and more frequent washing of small loads such as gym clothes or bathing suits without the need to run the larger main washer.

The washing machine is also Wi-Fi compatible to allow remote control and monitoring of the appliance with a handy app usable from anywhere.

DualCool residential air conditioners (RAC)

The DualCool air conditioner combines innovative features and is the first air conditioner to utilise the company’s Dual Inverter Compressor, which saves energy without sacrificing cooling performance.

The effectiveness of the inverter compressor has prompted the company to expand its RAC lineup and instal the advanced compressors in more models.

In addition to its outstanding performance and high energy efficiency, the DualCool’s straightforward installation process saves time and effort for technicians and those making repairs.

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