10 annoying car passengers

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  • Saturday, 02 Jan 2016

It’s great to have company when you are driving, especially during long journeys.

We are usually willing to pick up friends who don’t drive, especially if they live or work along the way.

And, carpooling not only reduces the number of vehicles on the road but is environmentally friendly too.

At times, however, one can’t help but feel like we are being taken advantage of, especially if the passenger treats you like a taxi driver, albeit an unpaid one.

Here are some people it would be a pain to have in your car:

1. The cheapskate

All this freeloader wants is a free ride. Even though, the car is passing by the tenth toll plaza, they will play dumb. Most Malaysians would be too shy to ask their friends outright for payment. But it would be nice if someone offered to contribute to pay the toll, parking or even petrol if it is a long journey. It would be polite too to treat the driver to a meal or a drink for the favour.

Passengers who never offer to pay or chip in for parking, fuel, toll. (10 annoying passengers)

2. Messy eaters

Passengers should ask for permission from the driver before eating. Some people don’t like food being consumed in their cars, especially things such as durian, petai, stinky tofu or food that would leave a mess like crumbly biscuits.

The messy eater leaves crumbs all over the car seat or eats strong-smelling foods.

3. The driving instructor

Another term for this is backseat driver. This Mr Know-It-All just loves to criticise your driving skills and finds fault throughout the journey, making you wish that he came with a mute button. Maybe next time, he should drive!

So you think you can drive? Mr Know-It-All criticises the drivers driving skills. (10 annoying passengers)

4. The smoker

Even some smokers themselves don’t smoke in their cars as they don’t want the smell to linger so don’t assume it’s okay. Ask permission from the driver. The same goes for vaping.

The smoker pollutes the air in your car.

5. Deejay wannabe

Don’t live out your dreams of becoming a singer or deejay in another person’s car. It is rude to change the music or volume without asking, or worse, diss the driver’s taste in music. And singing aloud is another habit that may irritate some people.

The deejay wannabe feels that he has better music taste than you. (10 annoying passengers)

6. Road bully

This passenger morphs into the Hulk, picking fights with other drivers on the road and reaching over to the driver’s side to sound the horn. Having this short-tempered person in your car can be scary for you and other road users.

The road rager picks fights with other road users. (10 annoying passengers)

7. Acting like a towkay

This person likes to make himself at home – in your car. He puts his feet on the dashboard, blocking part of your view. He adjusts the seat to his comfort and almost always never pushes it back to its original position.

Like a boss: This passenger thinks nothing of putting his stinky feet on your dash board. (10 annoying passengers)

8. The disconnected one

This person sits in the backseat like he is a passenger in a taxi and ignores the driver. This person just wants you to take them to their destination and is not interested in being good company.

Sitting in the back seat and ignoring the driver. (10 annoying passengers)

9. The meddler

This passenger likes to fidget and can’t keep still. He has no compunction opening your glove compartment and rummaging through your things or fiddling with the air conditioner, radio, window, etc.

This annoying passenger fiddles with the things in your car. (10 annoying passengers)

10. Litterbug

The litterbug thinks nothing of picking their nose, clipping their fingernails or leaving rubbish in your car. Some even might think they are being considerate by throwing it out of the car!

An offence…Think twice before you throw.

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