Medley of flavours in mall

Two in One food stall offers a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes for visitors to Mid Valley Megamall.

Two in One food stall offers a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes for visitors to Mid Valley Megamall.

HIDDEN within the labyrinth of passages and shops in Mid Valley Megamall, a mixed rice food stall has been attracting a huge crowd since it opened last September.

Two in One offers a myriad of meat and vegetable options for diners and the dishes available will vary on different days.

The stall is located inside PopCorn Food Hall, the only non-halal food court that caters for Chinese cuisine lovers at the Kuala Lumpur mall.

Customers can choose from a range of dishes such as soy sauce eggs, curry chap chye (vegetable curry), steamed egg, chicken curry, pork chop as well as fried tofu.

The stall’s popularity was evident as most of the visitors to the food court immediately headed there, drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

During lunch hour, the long queue of customers can be up to two waiting lanes.

As quickly as the trays of food are emptied out by hungry customers, the cooks swiftly bring out freshly-cooked dishes.

A plate of rice with vegetables, tofu and fried pork belly from Two in One food stall.

Among the crowd were three best friends who visited the food court for the very first time after their shopping trip to the mall.

“Someone recommended me this place and told me about this popular food stall. So we decided to come here and try the dishes ourselves,” said Lee.

All of them had only positive things to say about their meal.

The 60-year-old Lee found her all-vegetable meal appetising and well worth the price she paid for.

“Considering the cosy environment, RM8.50 for three types of vegetables is reasonable to me,” she said.

The long queue during lunch hour at Two in One food stall. — Photos: LIM YIN YEN/The Star

One of Lee’s friends commented that the mixed rice here reminded her of home cooking.

Two co-workers, Wong and Boo, travel a long way from their office every fortnight for the mixed rice.

“We came here because I want meat while she wants vegetables.

“This is the perfect place for us to have lunch because the food stall offers so many different options,” said Wong.

A plate of two vegetable helpings will cost RM7.50; while a plate of rice with meat and vegetables will cost RM8.50.

Even though the price is a little more expensive than the economy rice stall at a kopitiam or food court elsewhere, it is still more affordable to eat here than the surrounding cafes or restaurants.

As a meat lover, I opted for two helpings of meat – lemon sesame chicken and fried pork belly. My meal was RM8.50.

The chicken was glazed in a thick lemon sauce and the sour with a hint of sweetness in it really reminded me of my mother’s cooking back home.

PopCorn Food Hall is located on the second floor of Mid Valley Megamall and operates from 10am to 10pm daily.

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