Giving kebab local appeal

Customers patiently waiting for their kebab order to be readied. (Right) Mouthwatering chicken kebab makes a satisfying and filling meal.

KEBAB’S likeability is understandable judging from the rapid growth of stalls selling the Middle Eastern food in the Klang Valley.

With this in mind, Ti Deng Feng, 30 and Chang Yao Hern, 29 of Just a Kebab Stall in Restoran Wan Yee in Setapak appreciate the pressure they are under to make tasty kebab to win customers over.

As such, they have invested time and thought to serve up tasty kebab that will make foodies come back for more.Ti said, “Sauces are important for kebab. We localise our sauces to meet the local taste buds by including salad, chilli, black pepper, BBQ, and cheeze in our kebab.

“However, to preserve authenticity in this Middle Eastern flavour, a thick piping of garlic mayo is a must,” said Ti.

The variety of homemade sauces shine at the six-month old stall’s signature chicken kebab (RM5), served with cabbage, dollops of yoghurt and tomato packed tightly in wheat tortilla.

Chang also emphasises the importance of freshness.

“I restock the chicken in my shawarma griller daily to maintain the meat’s freshness which is the main selling point of our kebab.


Customers patiently waiting for their kebab order to be readied.   


“We marinate the chicken with salt, pepper, other spices and herbs,” Chang said.

Making kebab is no easy task as one has to tend to the hot grill for long hours.

“I learned to make kebab from a cook at a kebab stall which I used to frequent with my friends.

“The lessons he taught was informative as we learned about the use of ingredients, period of marination, chicken doneness, and how to carve the chicken shawarma,” Ti explained.

Chang said, “We are really enthusiastic about making our humble food stall a success and accepted in this neighbourhood which has predominantly Chinese residents.

“Normally, Chinese folk do not go for kebab but I am confident our food will appeal to them too,” Chong said.


Chang (right) preparing his signature kebab for a customer.
Chang (right) preparing his signature kebab for a customer. 


Regular customer Yahendran Raj said, “I have been influenced by the Middle East culture of late, and I enjoy having kebab.

“This stall’s garlic mayo is almost the same as the one I tasted in Turkey when I tried the kebab

over there.”

Just a Kebab Stall in Restoran Wan Yee is located at No 2, Jalan Prima Setapak 3, Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur.

The stall opens daily, from 6pm to 11pm, except Tuesdays.

For details, call 017- 365 7325 (Ti).

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