Titillating senses with food

Omelette Norvegienne Edition 2018.

Omelette Norvegienne Edition 2018.

FIRE, water, earth, metal and wood.

Inspired by these elements, Lafite’s executive chef Olivier Pistre has specially curated five menus for his two-month pop-up experience at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Instead of focusing on the Chinese significance of the elements, Pistre created dishes based on his own interpretation and used produce that suit both the season and element.

The chef’s creations are a feast for the eyes and palate as he plays with senses to create a memorable experience for guests.

The curated three-course meals priced at RM260 nett, are available for lunch and dinner.

Before entering Lafite, guests are first required to key in their date of birth to determine their element.

Marinated Grilled Tiger Prawns with Smoked Celeriac and Granny Smith Remoulade.

Guests can either choose their meals based on their individual elements or select from another menu.

My element was fire and coincidentally, so were all my dining mates.

Dishes presented incorporated the element of heat, from smoked to grilled on hot Himalayan rocks.

On the Fire menu, we started with Marinated Grilled Tiger Prawns that came with smoked celeriac and Granny Smith remoulade.

The shelled prawns were presented on a hot Himalayan rock, requiring guests to grill the prawns themselves.

The sides added a touch of freshness.

A piece of advice is to not rub the prawns on the salt rock as your prawns will be too salty.

We enjoyed a starter from the Metal menu comprising Mussels Sauce Poullette with Pommes Grenailles, which was basically a pot of creamy garlic mussels with baby potatoes.It was a heavier choice than the prawns, but this was a personal favourite.

French Duck Breast and Foie Gras.

For mains, we had Rosemary Smoked ‘Hokkaido’ Scallop, Sicilian Gamberoni, and Pickleweed and Lemon Caviar Sunchoke Follie’s with shellfish sauce.

The main dish was covered with a transparent glass and when it was lifted, released the smoke from the dish.

We also tried the second option from the menu, the French Duck Breast and Foie Gras, which were pan-seared and served with broad beans, Romaine lettuce, baby carrots, cherry gel and duck jus.

We had three different types of dessert from the Fire menu, consisting of Omelette Norvegienne Edition 2018 flambeed with rum, which was a caramalised crispy puff pastry with Blanc Manger, vanilla ice cream, vanilla creme anglaise and vanilla reduction.

The presentation was impressive as the dessert was set on fire with heated alcohol.

The Cherries Surprise in the Metal menu was art on a plate that had cherry mousse and marmalade with cherry ice cream.

The sour combination is a good pick-me-up if you are feeling full or a little tipsy from the alcohol pairing.

Another dessert to try is from the Water menu, the Candied Lemon, which was a little sour with a bitter aftertaste.

Each menu has wine and cocktail recommendations. The three-course menu does not include alcohol.

The Five Elements pop-up experience is until Nov 24.

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