‘Fix parking system to curb congestion’

Rosli says street parking should only be for short-term use.

Rosli says street parking should only be for short-term use.

KUALA Lumpur’s parking system has to be improved to prevent further traffic congestion in the city, said a transportation and traffic planning consultant.

MDS Consultancy Group managing director Dr Rosli Azad Khan said the central business district (CBD) area should have limited street parking to encourage the use of public transportation.

“Street parking in many other cities is meant for short-term usage. For example, when people go to the bank or to run quick errands that should not take more than an hour or two.

“Basement parking is more for long-term usage – primarily for office goers. People who work in offices should not park on the streets.

“However, for the system to be successful; enforcement has to be strict. Once the policy is implemented, enforcement must be there.

“Penalties should be imposed and it should get heavier if you do not pay up,” Rosli said.

He added that efforts had been made to upgrade the existing public transport system, including the MRT and LRT extension.

He said there should be concerted effort by all parties towards alternative means of transport.

“To say that our public transportation system is inadequate is not true anymore as we have quite a substantial system in place.

“People who use private vehicles are so used to it that they do not want to stop the habit.

MDS Consultancy traffic planner Dr Rosli Azad Khan for 2hour parking limit.
Dr Rosli Azad Khan

“They do not want to leave their cars behind and jump into trains. Changing habits and behaviours of drivers will surely be difficult,” he said.

On the first and last mile connectivity, Rosli said several alternatives need to be put in place.

“Limited parking at train stations are an issue. In trying to attract people who use cars into city centre to use the trains; parking spaces need to be adequate. These spaces must also be safe and monitored.

“With the lack of parking spaces at the stations, there should be free shuttle buses to service the local community to the stations.

“The public can also use the free GoKL buses to get to and from their work places in the city

“These measures can reduce dependency on private cars for the first and last mile,” he said.

Rosli said in areas such as Bangsar, Brickfields and Mont Kiara – where there were both residential and commercial entities – a residential permit could be an option.

“In cities such as London, residents can apply for a vehicle permit for a fee.

“One of the issues with implementing it here is that households, nowadays, have more than one car, sometimes two or three per house.

“Then it will be up to DBKL to come up with a ruling on how many permits can be issued per household,” he said.

He added that a study would help determine the most efficient period to impose a time limit for parking, to figure out the most economic and effective enforcement methodology and to gather feedback from residents and business owners as well as visitors.

“It is critical to do a study on other areas before implementing the parking limit, especially in places like Brickfields and Bangsar,” he added.

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