21-year-old mother of two needs help to support family

AS two-year-old Low Jia Rui wriggled in her mother’s arms asking for her father, 21-year-old Tan Pei Yee, could not help but shed a tear at her husband’s passing.

A single mother at such a young age, Tan now shoulders the responsibility of caring for her two daughters when her husband died in a freak accident last month.

The housewife finds herself in unknown territory as she now has to fend for her daughters, aged two months and two years old.

“My husband was making ends meet while I took care of the children.

“He left me a little savings but now that he is gone, I have to provide for the family.

“My first daughter Jia Rui still looks for her father, every now and then,” said Tan.

“I feel sorry for Jia Rou as she will not remember spending time with her father,” she added, with teary eyes.

Despite the loss of her husband still raw in her mind, Tan has had to juggle handling her husband’s funeral rites while looking for a job.

She is also facing difficulties coping with her daughters’ daily necessities such as milk powder and diapers which can cost about RM800 a month.

“I do not have much experience in the working world but I am still trying to find a job.

“My parents are renting an apartment and are looking after my sister who is still schooling. They have their plate full and I do not wish to burden them.

“The last month has been particularly difficult for me,” she said.

Rumah Caring founder and caretaker Wendy Yap said Tan required some time before adjusting to her “new life”.

“We hope the public will help her for the time being before she can fully support her family.

“I am also helping her look for a job, so that she can take care of her daughters,” she said.

Rumah Caring had appointed a committee member to open a joint account with Tan. The home will monitor the donations.

Yap said money could only be withdrawn with the consent of Tan and the committee member.

“Rumah Caring will be responsible in monitoring the funds and will allow Tan to withdraw only a certain amount every month,” Yap said.

For details, call 03-8737 7680 (Rumah Caring) or 012-238 0043 (Yap).