Fruity twist to Mid-Autumn fest

TAI Thong Group stays true to tradition with its classic mooncake flavours, but also gets creative when it comes to new recipes.

While keeping timeless selections such as lotus paste single yolk and red bean paste, the restaurant chain launched four new flavours with a varied use of fruits and seeds mix for this coming Mid-Autumn festival.

The four flavours are blueberry lotus with dried fruits and assorted seeds, orange lotus with palm sugar and assorted seeds, snow skin mango kiwi with assorted dried fruits and snow skin pineapple lotus with jackfruit mochi.

“For 2015, we retained many of the crowd favourites, but in our continuous strive to innovate, we extended the range with four new flavours that are a feast for the senses.

“It is meant to be striking in terms of visual, colour, flavour and texture,” said Tai Thong Group operations head Ooi Sin Wei.

Ooi said the management and chef team had come together to research how the ingredients could blend well.

“We wanted something that would appeal to the younger generation, but would also be acceptable to the older generation.”

The restaurant chain’s group executive dim sum chef Yiu Weng Keung further enhanced the recipes and decided on the composition.

“Only premium fruits are blended into the lotus paste, and the vibrant colour one sees comes purely from the fruits,” he said.

“Ingredients such as palm sugar and assorted seeds are also mixed together for better taste and texture.

“Most importantly, the taste of the selected fruit mix matches, and doesn’t overwhelm one another.”

Out of the 19 mooncake variants offered, Ooi said the Imperial Musang King Royale is the most significant.

“It is a limited edition as there are only a few thousand sets available at our 12 restaurants.

“At RM78, it comes in a set of two in an insulated carrier to ensure it is properly chilled,” he explained.

The mooncake launch at Tropicana Golf and Country Club was accompanied by Tai Thong Group’s specially crafted Mid-Autumn menu.

The fruit-themed menu is in line with the new mooncake flavours, featuring dishes such as the pan-seared scallop with blueberry and apricot, crispy soft-shell crab with mango and kiwi sauce as well as fried prawns with pineapple and jackfruit sauce.