Sports equipment retail giant sets up shop at Udini Square

Check out these trendy Hello Kitty golf bags at MST Golf Superstore at Udini Square, Gelugor.

Check out these trendy Hello Kitty golf bags at MST Golf Superstore at Udini Square, Gelugor.

LEARNING more about your feet is such an enlightening shopping experience at the’s store in Udini Square, Gelugor in Penang.

All you have to do is stand barefoot atop special pads for a few se-conds and once you step away, the imprint you leave behind will tell you about the arch of your soles.

“Some of us are flatfooted but most of us have an arch or hollow on the inside of our footprints.

“Wearing the right shoe will help with how our legs align and make them more efficient when we run,” said Malaysia chief executive Ng Yap.

Prices are attractive too, Ng said, because some of the stocks were off-season goods from Britain which would be sold at ‘basement’ prices here. is a retail giant created by Newcastle United Football Club owner Mike Ashley, who bought the club in 2007.

He started in 1982 with a small shop called Mike Ashley Sports in an English town called Maidenhead and it grew into 150 stores by 2003.

The chain now has over 900 outlets throughout Britain and Europe and the Udini Square outlet which opened on Aug 8 is its 14th in Malaysia.

The superstore there, the first on Penang island, takes up 12,000sq ft and the shopping experience is uniquely themed.

Sportsdirect on the mainland is at Tesco Extra Seberang Jaya.

Shoppers will find the Boot Room mindblowing with a variety of football boots.

The Sheruns Heruns section is dedicated to runners and that is where you will find out more about your soles.

The Fitness Zone carries a wide variety of gear for gym buffs, weight-lifters, cross-trainers, martial artists and yoga enthu-siasts.

There is also a section where you can find everything you need for badminton, squash and tennis, while the Swim Shop readies you to get wet.

The Big Action zone is for cyclists and skaters, and the Field and Trek zone is for lovers of the great outdoors. features 28 international sporting brands including Dunlop, Slazenger, Everlast and Karrimor.

“We are both the retailer and owner of these brands,” Ng said.

Next door and covering 5,000sq ft is the MST Golf Superstore which is under the same group of companies.

“This is MST Golf’s anchor store in the northern region. We realise that many golfers in the north travel to our outlets in Kuala Lumpur to buy their gear, so we expect this store to cater well to their needs,” Ng said.

Get ready to slobber over Royal Collection’s 24k gold-plated golf irons and a vast array of renowned clubs, not to mention the latest in golfing apparel by hot favourite Under Armour and Nike.

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