Use bricks or metal

THERE are several points that need to be weighed and taken into account when looking to instal railings, Currently two options are the most prominent.

These include either the use of bricks or metal railings.

A quantity surveyor, Yang Yong Wei said the average metal railing cost approximately RM300 per metre.

“Metal railings are easier and faster to instal, but is less durable and is susceptible to rust.

“Cement bricks are a sturdier option as they will last longer and may prove safer.

“A normal cement brick costs about 30sen, with an estimated 50 bricks used for one metre. It may be a cheaper alternative for a low-rise project.

“For high-rise buildings such as the People’s Housing Project (PPR) flats, it may turn out to be more costly because of the need to plaster both sides of the railings, which also means the need to use scaffolding.

“It could also take a longer time to complete because the cement needs to dry, which might be more difficult during the rainy season,” said Yang.

Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen said the staircase’s metal railings at the low-cost Desaria flats in Taman Desaria, Petaling Jaya, had previously been stolen.

“When we repaired the staircase, we chose bricks rather than metal railings and looked at a design solution to accommodate a tapered top for older folks to grip and hold on to.

“The project was an open tender conducted by volunteer engineers. Twelve sets of five-storey staircases were completed in three months at a cost of RM90,000,” he said.

“The Government should look at design solutions,” he added.