Beauty defined

Three women talk about what it means to be ambassadors for Japanese beauty brand SK-II.

WITH a bottle of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence (FTE), popularly dubbed “Miracle Water”, being sold somewhere in the world every 28 seconds, it all adds up to a legion of fans.

If seeing is believing, then there should be many instant believers when they meet Japanese actress Kaori Momoi.

She is the brand’s very first ambassador, and possibly the best spokeswoman, because the 61-year-old certainly looks nothing like her age.

“I have never undergone cosmetic surgery. Many Japanese live to 90, so my goal is to live until 120 years old! That is why I’m not going for any cosmetic surgery because I don’t want any part of me to be dropping off or going wrong!” she said in jest to the Asian press corp at a media conference in the posh St Regis hotel in Osaka.

The meet-the-press event was part of the Multi-Celebrity Discovery Tour hosted by SK-II in Japan in March.

Aside from Momoi, South Korean actress Lim Soo Jung and American star Kate Bosworth were the other famous faces that graced the event.

Momoi has been faithfully using SK-II for more than two decades!

“The first time I wore make-up was when I was 25 years old, on a shoot in Africa. I didn’t know anything about cosmetics or skincare then. The make-up artist on the shoot was the one who recommended SK-II to me,” said the amiable actress.

She tried the product for two months, loved the results and the relationship has withstood the test of time – in more ways than one.

“I view SK-II as a brand that supports and encourages working women because it helps us maintain our looks and enables us to stay independent,” she reasoned.

Her beauty regimen involves the SK-II Skin Rebooster gel for hydration, the FTE and mask.

Momoi was unafraid to be brutally honest, saying she needed to use the LXP to combat the sagging effects of ageing.

A must-do which she observes diligently is getting a body steam in the sauna four times a week. This she achieves by having a sauna built into every house she owns.

“Deep cleansing is important, to sweat out the toxins and impurities. After cleansing, I use the FTE and mask. I decide on what to do and the product to use according to my skin condition,” she explained, adding that one of the contributing factors to her youthful look is her laidback lifestyle.

 Korean actress Kim Soo Jung

Lim Soo Jung (pic), on the other hand, gives priority to ensuring that the essence and lotions are properly absorbed.

As such, her daily cleansing routine takes up to about 30 minutes each time. However, when pressed for time, she resorts to the “shortcut” of removing her make-up with the Stempower cream and then, just moisturising.

She notes that in recent years, there is an increasing number of Korean women who place importance on skincare as a means to looking younger. When asked for her thoughts on cosmetic surgery, she diplomatically opined that it was a personal choice and some might feel the need for it.

Her idea of beauty is a woman confident enough to be herself and who looks her best whatever her age may be.

When asked what she has in common with the brand she represents, she quipped: “Our love for the colour red!” She added later that she shared SK-II’s philosophy of beauty transformation from within.

Like Momoi, Kate Bosworth was also introduced to the brand by her make-up artist, five years ago.

And now, even her fiancé – film director Michael Polish – is a fan of the brand, the men’s range, of course.

“We are an SK-II household! I had strict instructions to bring back a few products for him,” she said laughingly.

Bosworth, who turned 30 not too long ago, said she loved how SK-II is tailored for her skin. “This brand is also different in that integrity is important to the people behind it. I have been an avid user of its products and am honoured to be its ambassador.”

Her beauty solution is SK-II cleanser, Stempower cream, and on days when additional arsenal is required, the mask and Skin Rebooster for extra hydration.

“The mask ‘saved’ me, after the beauty disaster in my younger days when I wore really heavy make-up,” she revealed sheepishly.

These days, though, she goes without a stitch of make-up every chance she gets, saying she feels most beautiful at home when her face is in its most natural state.

“Beauty is a state of mind,” declared Bosworth.

There you have it, the definitions of beauty from three gorgeous women. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to employ a little help from the “miracle water” to pamper your skin and nurture your God-given beauty.

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