Trinity beckons

Uneasy alliance: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman get together for the first time in 'Trinity'.

DC is another step closer to a Justice League movie with the addition of Wonder Woman to the Man Of Steel sequel.

AS if a movie featuring the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight wasn’t already Earth-shattering enough, Warner Bros upped the stakes even more recently by announcing that Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man Of Steel sequel would also have an Amazonian Princess, played by Gal Gadot (from the Fast And Furious franchise), making it DC’s most ambitious movie project to date.

With details of the script still unclear (filming starts in February, with a 2015 release date), we’ve come up with a list of stories featuring all three characters that Snyder could use to incorporate Wonder Woman into the movie. Let’s hope the director and screenwriters are listening!

Power of three

Trinity #1-#3 (2003)

Writer/Artist: Matt Wagner

THIS modern-day tale transforms the World’s Finest duo (traditionally, Superman and Batman) into the World’s Finest Trinity. The induction of Princess Diana into Batman and Superman’s super-powered bromance required a cataclysmic reason – duly provided by Ra’s al Ghul’s own unholy trinity with Bizarro and Artemis. United by a common goal of creating global chaos, the villains force our heroes to unite and align not only their personalities but philosophy, too. Inevitably, their first team-up ends in victory and surprisingly, it is Bruce Wayne who gets first dibs on Diana – stealing a kiss that is returned by a punch to the face!

Steel and gold

Action Comics #600 (1988), Justice League #12 (2012)

Writers: John Byrne and Geoff Johns

Artists: Byrne & George Perez, and Jim Lee

WHETHER it’s the classic or the modern-day pairing of this super-powered couple, the sight of Superman and Wonder Woman locking lips in mid-air is enough to eclipse every other romantic movie scene out there. While the classic Byrne run didn’t do much to fan the romance, things are certainly heating up between the two in the DC New 52 universe, especially in the new Superman/Wonder Woman title.

Knight and Princess

JLA #90 (2004)

Writer: Joe Kelly

Artist: Chris Cross

AFTER sharing a kiss during a near-death experience, Wonder Woman and Batman talk about the possibility of a future together. Aided by the Martian Manhunter’s Transconscience Articulator, Diana gets a peek at a future where she and Bruce are together, which turns out to be plagued by misery caused by her immortality and Bruce being all too human.

The duo’s soul-searching moment here is definitely the most defining interaction between them, and justifies their decision to remain just friends! 

Eat my boot, Bat! No question who would win ina fight between Wonder Woman and BAtman then. From Wonder Woman: Hiketeia.
Eat my boot, Bat! No question who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Batman then. From Wonder Woman: Hiketeia.

Girl’s day out

Wonder Woman (vol 2) #170 (2001)

Writer: Joe Kelly

Artist: Phil Jiminez

LOIS Lane spends a day interviewing the Amazonian Princess and finds out what makes her tick. However, it is Lois’ final question concerning Diana’s feelings towards Superman that really stands out here. With so many past meetings between Superman and Wonder Woman adding to Lois’ insecurity, it takes an unlikely pool hall chat to clearly define their respective feelings towards Superman.

While Lois is envious of Diana’s Wonder-Woman-ness, she does have one significant edge – being Superman’s wife! The most recent on-screen Lois, Amy Adams, has said in a recent interview that she would rather be teammates with Diana than love rivals.

Love Triangle

Action Comics #761 (2000)

Writer: Joe Kelly 

Artist: German Garcia

IF the movie really does go with a love triangle between Clark, Lois and Diana, there is plenty of reference material for Snyder to look at, but nothing that’s more controversial than this tale.

It starts with Diana showing up unannounced in the Kents’ matrimonial home (much to Lois’ chagrin), and ends with Superman and Wonder Woman being exiled to Valhalla for a millennium! Stranded with a beautiful Amazonian Princess with no wife in sight, Kal-El’s matrimonial bonds are tested by something even stronger than even kryptonite.

Personally, I suspect that the Lois-Diana “choice” will probably surface at some point in the upcoming movie, and Superman’s resolve will be similarly tested as well. 

Three’s company

Superman #661 (2007)

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Artist: Eduardo Barreto

FOR the sentimental ones out there, a “happy” ending would involve Clark, Lois and Diana all being on good terms. This issue offers the closest we’ve gotten to that, as the Kents attend a charity show featuring Diana. The action starts when Clark is abducted by a harlot (Khyrana the Accursed) who yearns for his power. This leads to both Lois and Diana working together to save Clark (in his Superman persona). As expected, our heroes emerge triumphant (no surprise considering it’s just a bit-part villain), but it’s the aftermath that is an eye-opener here

Exhausted by their magical battle with Khyrana, both Superman and Wonder Woman return to the Kent’s apartment and dose off on the couch, with Lois’ “It’s a good thing I’m a trusting woman” remark putting all speculation to rest.

Bat under heel

Wonder Woman: Hiketeia (2002)

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: J.G. Jones

BEFORE Injustice: Gods Among Us, where Wonder Woman thrashes Batman, there was this one-shot tale, which not only has Diana overpowering Bruce, but also putting a permanent dent in the Dark Knight’s machismo … by stepping on his head.

The heroes cross swords over a young girl named Danielle, who swears allegiance to Wonder Woman but is a murderer in Batman’s eyes. When Diana refuses to let Batman take her into custody, the inevitable confrontation happens – leading to the latter’s most humiliating defeat.


Superman: Sacrifice (2006)

Writer: Mark Verheiden

Artist: Ed Benes

IN a fight between Superman and Wonder Woman, my money would be on the latter, as Kal-El is a boy scout by nature and has always held back his true might, while Diana is a natural warrior who has no qualms about killing.

In the Sacrifice story arc, however, Superman is mind-controlled by Maxwell Lord, and ordered to kill Wonder Woman. Despite the “no holds barred” scenario, Wonder Woman still manages to fend off Superman, and even has an opportunity to kill him off. In the end, she succeeds in freeing Superman from Lord’s influence, by breaking the bad guy’s neck!

While the movie probably would not go into such detail (Why not? Look what Snyder’s Supes did to Zod. – Ed.), a few fight moves that Snyder can lift from here include Diana’s use of her lasso to slice Superman’s throat, and giving him a concussion with her bracelets!

Making an entrance 

Legends #6 (1987)

Writers: John Ostrander and Len Wein

Artist: John Byrne

POST-crisis On Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman is re-introduced to the DC Universe during a battle with Darkseid’s Parademons and Warhounds. Her explosive debut, where she picks up a Warhound with one hand and smashes it to smithereens, would definitely be worth immortalising on screen!

Family ties

Kingdom Come (1997)

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Alex Ross

IN the epilogue of this story, Clark and Diana meet Bruce in a superhero-themed café to inform him that they are expecting a child and want Batman to be the child’s godfather and mentor! While this ending effectively eliminates Lois from Superman’s life, it is a logical move in terms of syncing with present-day storylines, and bridging the immortality-mortality differences.

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