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Pay a visit to the Buddha Statue of Hyderabad.

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you lost sight of who you are and what you’re doing? Usually when that happens, it’s best to take some time off and re-evaluate the things in your life.

A breather or two can help to put things in perspective again but if you need more time, you might want to consider taking a longer break. Use this opportunity to go on a journey of self-discovery and maybe even learn new things in a different country.

Instead of travelling to the far reaches of South America or Europe, why not consider India instead? When going on this spiritual journey, think Eat, Pray, Love, the movie but only better because this time you’re playing the lead role.

Beside Mumbai and New Delhi, there are plenty of other exciting cities in India to explore.

Brahmeswara Temple, a famous Hindu Temple dedicated to lord Shiva.

Meditate and find peace among ancient architecture

Bhubaneswar is an ancient Indian city where you can meditate and find peace while gazing at the ancient architecture.

With temples made from sandstone, it is a truly remarkable archaic ground that will blow you away and certainly give you the peace of mind that you’ve been searching for. But remember to time yourself and focus to be able to meditate the right way.

Some of the places known for meditating in Bhubaneswar are Brahmeswara Temple and Lingaraja Temple. There’s just something about a holy place that makes you appreciate the silence and just relax while you’re away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you’re looking for a deep dive in the city’s roots and culture, head on over to the well-known Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts.

Walk along Victoria Memorial Hall’s botanic garden with statues of many famous dignitaries.

Get involved with a local charity in historic Kolkata

Ever wanted to give back and be a part of a bigger community? Formerly known as “Calcutta”, Kolkata is the home to Missionaries of Charity headquarters, an organisation founded by Mother Teresa herself.

There is also Hope Kolkata Foundation where you can start small by educating street children or even volunteering at soup kitchens to feed the poor.

Kolkata is also home to the Victoria Memorial Hall, a large marble building turned museum and tourist attraction dedicated to Queen Victoria. Built in the 1900s, the memorial hall has 25 galleries with a number of portraits illustrating Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s lives.

Sit by the port and catch the sunset at Fort Kochi.

Connect with the locals for a deeper and meaningful trip

When you’re travelling, having a local help guide you through the area can make a huge difference in your travel experience. While on your journey of self-discovery, consider connecting with some friendly locals.

With their help, you’ll likely learn more about the local culture and get some insider knowledge about the best food or places to visit. With the help of locals, you may even discover beautiful spots to enjoy like Fort Kochi where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and serene tranquillity come sunset.

As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. While you’re at it if the culture is to eat by hand, why not give it a try and learn more about the reason behind it. Only by fully immersing yourself in the local culture will you have a deeper and meaningful trip to look back on.

Pay a visit to the Buddha Statue of Hyderabad.

Take a much-needed break from technology

Home to the world’s tallest monolith of Gautama Buddha, it is also a major centre for the technology industry and many upscale restaurants and shops. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend more time on tech gadgets.

Instead, challenge yourself and go tech-free. In need of directions? Get a map or ask local shopkeepers. Want to know where to get the best food? See where the locals patron. Have somewhere to be? Walk or take an old-school train if it’s far away.

You’ll be surprised what you can see and learn by avoiding technology for a day. It also gives you a different outlook when you’re not seeing life through a smartphone.

Get up close with beautiful tigers.

Experience nature and wildlife in Visakhapatnam

Have you always dream of visiting a wildlife safari or are you just an animal lover? Everyone should try to experience flora and fauna in their natural habitat at least once in their lifetime. If you’re looking for said experience, you can do just that at the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary.

Located near Indira Gandhi National Zoological Park, it is the perfect place to observe animals in their natural settings.

Marked endangered species like Indian leopards, jackals, tigers and poisonous snakes like vipers and cobras are just some among many animals that you’ll find at the sanctuary.

For the nature lovers, visitors can either trek around with a park ranger or use the boating facilities to get to the majestic waterfall within the sanctuary.

Have you tasted Malai Chicken Tikka before?

Taste authentic Indian food in Tiruchirappalli

Saving the best for last, it’s time to indulge in some authentic Indian food and taste the awesomeness it comes with. If you’re a fan of Indian food, then you’re in for a real treat as there are some delicacies that aren’t available in Malaysian eateries yet.

Obviously, many are familiar with chicken tikka masala but have you heard of Malai Chicken Tikka? Marinated in creamy cheese sauce then cooked in tandoor, this dish is described as east meets west with its flavour similar to western dishes. Using only the leg part of the chicken, its meat is always tender.

There’s also a different type of samosa called dry fruits samosa. Unlike the samosas in Malaysia with potato filling, this samosa is smaller in size and made with cashews, almonds and sometimes even raisins.

If you love kebabs, then you need to try Kati roll as it is a traditional street food popular across India. Combining the flavours of kebabs, eggs, vegetables, and spices, it will surely blow your mind. However, if that’s not what you’re looking for, you can always opt for a simple yet equally delicious biryani rice.

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