10 of the world's sexiest destinations

  • Malaysia
  • Sunday, 12 Jan 2014

Let’s get lust with 10 of the sexiest spots for a hot, hot, hot holiday, from Paris to New York, Scotland to South Korea.

IF you’re lookin’ for lovin’, it’s sexy time all the time at this selection of 10 super sexy destinations.

1. Paphos, Cyprus

Miley Cyrus? Oh please. Sexy started way back. In Ancient Greece. Long before the likes of Beyoncé and Tulisa, and even Marilyn Monroe, there was Aphrodite, who was a total goddess. No, she actually was, like, an actual goddess. The lovely Aphers bagged her man Adonis, who was busting his bronzed pecs down the disco in Paphos. But, like many a celebrity marriage, it didn’t quite work out. However, you can recreate the moment they met (it was lust at first sight) at the Adonis Baths in the popular summer holiday resort of Paphos.

2. Malia, Greece

Sexiness is just a cheap flight away. While Ancient Greece had bronzed gods and flaxen-haired goddesses, your talent pool in the infamous modern day resort of Malia on Crete consists of other drunken holidaymakers. Your level of sexiness may depend on how many Jägerbomb’s your prospective partner has consumed (beauty being in the eye of the sozzled beholder and all that), but with 43 discos (Editor’s note: We apologise for the use of the word disco. We would prefer club or nightspot) per square mile, your chances of ‘action’ are slightly higher than at home. See also: Magaluf, Benidorm, Ayia Napa...

3. Churin, Peru

The invention of the ‘little blue pill’ revolutionised many people’s sex lives adding a bit of ‘lead to their pencil’, where that lead was lacking. But in Peru there has long been a natural alternative to Viagra – the Peruvian Maca root. Said to increase strength, energy and libido, it’s little wonder that a whole ‘Maca trail’ has grown up. The radish-like root is harvested and dried, after which it keeps its prowess-enhancing powers for up to seven years. In the town of Churin, there is even an annual Maca Festival where punters eat cookies, cakes and crisps made with the magic plant.

4. Jeju, South Korea

Loveland is an outdoor sculpture park located on Jeju Island, off the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, exhibiting more than 140 sculptures depicting humans in various sexual positions. The island has long been a popular honeymoon destination for loved-up Koreans, for whom for some reason a field full of phalluses is a selling point. For the tongue-tied would-be seducer you couldn’t make your intentions much more explicit than murmuring “honey, I’ll take you to Loveland”.

5. New York, USA

Before Carrie started over-sharing about her love life, all a girl lusted after in New York were the diamonds in Tiffany’s. Then there was Sex and the City and suddenly the city that never sleeps was all about eligible bachelors and goodness-knows-what after a few Bellinis. SATC devotees can take a tour of the sexy spots in the show,. Who needs Mr Right when you’ve got Mr Big?

6. Taganga, Colombia

According to 2010 statistics, Colombia has the world’s lowest marriage rate (1.7 per 1000 people) – and thus the highest proportion of single people on the planet. So if you’re looking to hook up with a hotty over a poolside cocktail, head to the country’s totally tropical Caribbean coast where the talent is as as impressive as the beaches (sandy, shallow...). Check out the curves of Playa Grande at Taganga.

7. Camboriu, Brazil

With the World Cup and Olympics on their way, Brazil is in the spotlight, but there are better reasons to visit the country than sport. Forget Copacabana, check out Camboriu - South America’s answer to Ibiza, a beach resort where the country’s buff young things go to strut their stuff on some of the world’s sexiest dancefloors. Or if Brazil is too far away, there’s always the original – Ibiza.

8. Ibiza, Spain

If lush ladies in minimal apparel appeal, or dashing Don Juans in bulging speedos are to your taste, and your average evening chatting up the bar staff down the Dog & Duck isn’t glamorous enough for you, your ideal affordable sexy destination has got to be Ibiza. It’s all white suits, maxi dresses and mojitos in Ibiza Town, while San Antonio is like one big British town centre at 11pm on a Saturday night, but hot. They even have kebab shops. Now that’s sexy.

9. Paris, France

What other city could claim to be as sexy as Paris? Is there anywhere you’d more like to be whisked away for a dirty weekend? The city of love and illicit liaisons has been a honey-dripping backdrop for screen beauties from Audrey Hepburn in Paris When It Sizzles to Mathieu Kassovitz in Amélie, but of course Paris itself is the super-sexy star.

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is sexy. Not just because that’s where you’ll find Skyscanner’s drop-dead gorgeous hub office, not only because Scotswomen are beautiful, and not simply because all Scottish men are hunks, but you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen a man in a kilt. And you know what they say about a real Scotsman? You don’t? It’s probably better that way. – Skyscanner (www.skyscanner.net)

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