Have you been applying lipstick wrong? Here's advice from a makeup artist


Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes recently suggested an application trick that can achieve precise, smudge-free contours. Photo: AFP

Who hasn't accidentally got lipstick in the wrong place when applying their makeup? It's a common mistake, and it's one that's all the more problematic when made with a matte transfer-proof lipstick, since you have to remove the lot and start over.

To avoid this inconvenience – and this waste of time – try following the invaluable advice of a professional makeup artist called Katie Jane Hughes, followed by almost 300,000 people on TikTok (and over 900,000 on Instagram).

She recommends changing the way you apply lipstick to guarantee a perfect lip line and avoid getting product in the wrong place.

Have you ever wondered why lipsticks are shaped they way they are, with one side flat and the other more pointed?

Without even needing to look back at the history of the product, you'd probably assume that it's to optimise its application.

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This is what Katie Jane Hughes explains to her followers in a tutorial viewed by more than 20,000 people, aimed (as with many videos on the platform) at improving the beauty routines of millions of social media users worldwide.

"I have a slightly different lipstick application hack for you this morning," the markup expert says as she begins the video.

"We are not going to apply our lipstick with that part (the flat side) of the bullet... When you apply with that part of the bullet, you have like a reduced visibility on the actual lip line, however when you flip the bullet around, that angle lets you see everything a little bit better."

The makeup artist explains that this method of application gives her more control, and allows her to achieve a precise, neat lip line.

To recap, the idea is simply not to use the flat surface of the lipstick, as is customary, but rather the pointed part.

Not only does this provide greater visibility, but it also helps you create a better-defined lip line without the risk of overshooting. However, you might want to turn the lipstick back round the other way and use the flat surface to color the lower lip.

While this tip may not seem groundbreaking, and is actually quite logical, it's still likely that most people don't (necessarily) do this on a daily basis.

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In response, users have made comments such as: "I've tried it! Best trick in the world."

"I've always applied lipstick this way! My friends would poke fun! ... It makes more sense this way," says another user.

Or, "I just tried it... and it's my new favourite trick."

This isn't the first time a lipstick application method has gone viral on the Chinese social network.

In 2021, a technique involving placing a cotton bud between the lips before applying lipstick scored several million views, showing just how keen social media users are to find tricks to help them get their lipstick right first time. – AFP Relaxnews

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