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  • Tuesday, 06 Dec 2016

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If you’re short on time or travelling, then facial sheet masks are an option in giving your skin a boost of nutrition.

Sheet masks are an easier alternative than normal masks that need water to wash off. Infused with skincare that offer a boost of hydration, anti-ageing, brightening, to lifting, the sheet masks are individually packed.

The masks are made either from fibre which is a non-woven fabric that feels like paper, pulp which is finer than a fibre mask or known as rayon cellulose, or hydro-gel which gives the mask a cool soft feeling or bio-cellulose – developed for medical applications to treat wounds and burns - that feels like a cool moist gel on your skin.

The bio-cellulose masks usually adhere to the contours of your face better without leaving air pockets (between sheet and skin), and allows mobility without it falling off your face while other types don’t adhere to your contours so you need to be lying down!

Some sheet masks come in a full-faced sheet while others come in two parts for upper and lower part of the face for easy application.

Price wise there is a huge gap but some prestige brands claim to infuse the sheets with a high concentration of their active ingredients, while others provide multiple benefits for your skin or tap on a sheet technology that helps with a more efficient application of the product.

What is a good sheet mask? One with a material that adheres properly to the contours of your face so that the active ingredients may be absorbed by your skin, is biodegradable to be kind to nature, and is free from preservatives and toxins to be kind to your skin. – Co-ordinated by Sandra Low

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SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, RM59 to RM495 (One to 10 sheets)

The SK-II facial treatment mask very easy to use, thin and light. I don’t especially like the idea of using any type of product on my face unless it is purely natural, but this mask didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. The special ingredient is, of course, galactomyces ferment filtrate (which is some sort of fungi which is associated with the brand). I was expecting it to have some sort of fragrance but it didn’t, which I liked, because you never know what fermented fungi is going to smell like! All in all, I loved it because in just 20 minutes, my skin felt clean and refreshed. – Ann Marie Chandy

Lancome Blanc Expert Second Skin Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask, RM355 (six sheets)

The mask was easy to put on and literally stayed on like a “second skin”. It felt comfortable from the start and it was relaxing having the mask on for 20 minutes, as I also liked its fragrance. After that I removed the mask, soothed the remaining serum on my face and went to sleep. My skin felt hydrated and refreshed. The next morning, my colleagues said my face was visibly brighter. I have always had freckles, and this mask has brown algae extract that will break down brown melanin production and Vitamin Cg to reduce brown spots darkening by inhibiting the oxidation process. But more than the whitening factor, I like the moisture boost the mask gave my skin. – Ivy Soon

Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Mask, RM440 (10 sheets)

This is the thinnest mask I’ve ever put on and I had to handle it carefully. It’s placed between two net veils and once it’s on it moulds completely to the face. An intensive brightening mask which is drenched (really soaked!) in Snowise Brightening Serum, it claims to brighten and lift the skin for clearer and firmer skin (after a single use). The mask also went through two weeks of fermentation with white ginseng extract. I have to say that this is the first mask that literally left my face glowing all to the next day. In fact, I was a little alarmed thinking my face is shining like the full moon but I still loved it. My skin was soft, supple and bright. Considering the price, I would say use it when you want to look extra glowy and fabulous. – Dzireena Mahadzir

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Biotherm Source Therapie Micro-Infused Tissue Mask, RM230 (six sheets)

Applied at night after cleansing this mask felt very cool (in an air conditioned room) on the skin. Each mask is infused with a formula of seven ionised minerals for cellular renewal and hydration, and after 10 minutes it says skin is intensely moisturised. Unfortunately I didn’t feel an intense moisturisation immediately or the next morning. Biotherm’s key ingredients have proven efficacy but for this mask am concerned that methylparaben is high on its ingredient list. At RM38 a sheet I’d rather buy a bottle of the brand’s skincare to apply directly. However, for sheet mask fans, this is great when skin needs instant cooling down. – Sandra Low

TonyMoly Intense Care Snail Hydro-Gel Mask, RM28.90 (one sheet)

Snail slime filtrates gave me shivers but I’d read enough about the anti-ageing and moisturising wonders to want to try it.Theiir mask claims to help “nourish and moisturise skin, boost vitality, solidify skin’s hydration barrier, heal acne and scars and reduce fine lines and wrinkles”.

The mask is definitely slimy and I had to carefully remove it and transfer it onto my face so as not to waste an ounce of essence. It wasn’t hard but you need to be mindful or risk getting essence on your furniture or yourself. It’s recommended to leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes but I kept it on for 10 minutes more as it still felt moist. I got over the slime when I could feel my skin getting hydrated the longer I kept it on. My face looking noticeably brighter, smoother and with a glow too.– S. Indramalar

Naveen Hydrating Mask, RM35 (one sheet) to RM189 (six sheets)

Touted as a “hydrating and soothing” sheet mask, this product fulfills both benefits. It is slightly thicker than most sheet masks out there, and feels very cool on the skin. The liquid is silky which makes adjusting the sheet against skin very smooth. I tried it out at night, had it removed after 15 minutes, and went to bed without rinsing. When I woke up, my skin felt great! Smooth and hydrated, with no stickiness. The best thing about this mask is it’s organic and halal certified. As a Muslim, this means that I needn’t worry about animal by-products that may invalidate my solat (prayer). – Aisya Yusri

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Innisfree Second Skin Mask, RM17 (one sheet)

At first I was a bit wary of the kind of smell this soybean fermented mask would give out but was pleasantly surprised at the soothing botanical fragrance. The mask, which features a sheet of bio-cellulose in between two mesh sheets, fits well and stays true to its name ‘second skin’. The best part is that when I applied a rich night cream after using this mask, the cream seemed to aborb much better than usual, thanks to the hyaluronic acid moisturising ingredient of the mask, I suppose. Would definitely try out this mask again. – Wong Li Za

Sephora Invisilk Mask, RM10 (one sheet)

These masks are formulated using invisilk technology, with enriched micro protein fibers from Japan. The result: masks are light, thin with a texture that’s softer than a baby’s bottom, kidding, I mean cotton. I sampled two mask variations - ginseng and avocado. While each mask had a refreshing fragrance of its core ingredient, I couldn’t differentiate the efficacy of the variations. The cut-out eye holes were a tad too small, resulting in liquid (from the mask) entering my eyes. Although the masks left a cooling sensation, my face felt sticky and ‘heavy’. Did I feel refreshed after using it? Not really as my skin felt like it needed a thorough wash to remove the liquid from my face (and eyes). – Sheela Chandran

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