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  • Tuesday, 08 Jul 2014

I’M 45 and have had a problem with my eyes for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried various creams/serum/ointment of various brands, including high-end ones, but the problem persists. Some products have even caused milia seeds to develop just under my tear ducts. Perhaps, I’m treating the skin around my eye area with the wrong products. Would you say I’ve got eyebags, puffy eyes or dark circles, or are they all the same thing? It usually becomes worse if I don’t get enough sleep or work on the computer for long hours. I use a concealer when I go out. But so far, the ones I’ve tried lose their coverage after three hours. My daily routine takes me in and out of an air-conditioned environment repeatedly. Please advise how to best treat and conceal this problem. – Humairo

According to Rebeccah Ong, senior trainer of Talika, eyebags can be upsetting especially when you’ve tried so many products and none seem to work. You are not alone; there are many others who suffer from eyebags. Regardless whether they are called eyebags or puffy eyes, they are generally the same thing.

This is mainly caused by fluid build-up around the eye area, hence the swelling. Factors such as age and fatigue may make the swelling more noticeable. Other possible causes can be lack of sleep, stress, allergies, hormonal changes, diet, smoking and alcohol.

With ageing, the skin around the eye area becomes delicate, and may swell or droop. The muscles around the eye area tend to weaken and the supporting network affected. Experts say that milia seeds indicate obstructed sweat ducts and are not caused by rich creams. If you feel your eye cream is too rich, go with a lighter eye product that targets dark circles and puffy eyes.

Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel is a lightweight eye gel treatment, ideal for dark circles and puffiness. It helps by stimulating and increasing blood microcirculation around the eye area. It also has soothing and tightening ingredients to calm and rejuvenate the eye contour area. Apply daily in the morning by lightly patting the product onto cleansed skin around the eye before your skincare. Use it continuously for at least four weeks with Talika Cream Booster to see results.

Talika Cream Booster is a unique pen-like device developed by Talika, specially developed to increase the efficacy of skincare for better penetration and absorption of skincare products. It works in three ways. Firstly, it has ionotherapy technology, which uses micro currents to bring active ingredients to target cells and increase skin penetration. Secondly, it emits 590nm of light when in contact with your skin to stimulate cells to increase the production of collagen, and lastly, the vibrations help to increase blood circulation around the area to remove toxin and water retention.

After your eye care product, gently glide Cream Booster over it until the eye product has fully penetrated.

In the evening, use Talika Eye Dream, a regenerating night mask that helps to decongest, moisturise and smooth the eye contour area. It’s composed of peptides, active relaxing ingredients, floral waters and vitamin E, and is especially developed for night use.

You could also try gentle exfoliation around the eye area once a week. Talika Gentle Eye Scrub is gentle enough for the delicate eye area. It removes dead skin cells and contains hydrating agents. A simple eye massage will help increase blood circulation and relax your muscles around the eye area.

Finally, simple eye remedies such as using a cold pack for a short while on the eye area, limiting your salt intake and rinsing your eyes with cold water will also help.

Talika is giving Humairo a Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel worth RM235.

I’ve got dry and flaky skin. I’m 56 and feel very conscious whenever I go out with my peers. I’ve tried lots of products in the market that claim to reveal visibly radiant and smooth skin, but none seem to work. I hope there’s a product that can help my skin stay hydrated longer and retain moisture. – Irene

Babor’s training manager, Cyndi Ng, says that dry skin is a problem that affects people in varying degrees. Some people occasionally have mild tight and flaky skin that goes away quickly with treatment, but there are those who suffer from flaky and itching skin constantly, causing distress.

Dry skin is usually caused by damage of the top layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum). The epidermis works like a plastic wrap, keeping harmful substances out while keeping water and natural oils in the skin, making it supple and soft.

Most people start getting dry skin in their 50s, if not earlier. As we age, the epidermis becomes thinner and can’t hold as much water as it used to.

Besides the ageing process, direct exposure to sunlight and climate changes are major causes of dry, flaky skin. Furthermore, unsuitable soaps, detergents and skin cleansers, hot water and medication can dry out the skin and cause flaky, itching and rough skin, too.

Avoid using soap, alcohol-based toner and hot water because it actually harms the skin’s top layer and leaves the skin dry. Instead, use a gentle, non-foaming facial cleanser, and apply toner, serum and moisturiser immediately after washing your face or getting out of the bath.

Try Babor’s latest innovative skincare range – SkinovagePX Vita Balance – which contains intensive moisturising active ingredients and selected oils to treat dry, flaky skin. Argan Nourishing Cream is a rich intensive cream with precious argan oil that regenerates the skin’s lipid layer.

Thanks to a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, it has a smoothing effect and strengthens its protective barrier.

Moisture Plus Serum contains hyaluronic acid in two molecular weights and stores moisture in the skin, while pomegranate extract stimulates the growth of very fine trans cellular water channels (so-called aquaporins) and improves the distribution of water in the skin. It also has Alpine stem cells with all-round protection for light-induced and environmental skin ageing while OsmoTec increases the performance of the active ingredients.

Babor will be giving Irene an Argan Nourishing Cream worth RM435.

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