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  • Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013

I’M a 25-year-old guy that used to suffer from severe acne when I was younger but luckily, it stopped and cleared up when I went into my 20s. However, when I started work at my new work place this year, I began experiencing a change in my skin condition. My face has become oily, dull and my acne marks have deepened. When I asked my female colleagues, they advised me to get a facial scrub and used it twice a week. Hence, I’ve bought myself a men’s facial scrub that’s a mass market brand. But my skin condition has not improved and instead, it has started to become patchy. And when I shave, I seem to get more nicks and cuts around my chin and lower chin area. Is there a product which I can use to improve my skin condition? Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to meet my clients as my patchy-looking skin is causing me to lose my self-esteem and confidence. – Jeremy

Biotherm assistant training manager, Michelle Ooi, says that most men suffer from oily and acne skin during their teenage years due to active sebum gland activities which can clog pores and acne. Most of them take improper care of their skin such as washing their face with tap water only or at most, soap and water.

Ageing, decreased sebum gland activity and lifestyle changes can cause skin to become dehydrated, sensitive, have bigger pores and make acne scars more visible. It could be due to one trying to focus too much on control sebum secretion but neglecting to replenish moisture during the teenage years when struggling with oily and acne skin.

If your skin is becoming oily, it’s due to a change in the “Hydrolipidic Film”. This film layer is our skin’s protection barrier, produced naturally to protect your skin surface when there’s dehydration in the inner layer of the skin. Oxidation of oil makes your skin tone look uneven and dull. It looses its elasticity because of dehydration, making pores and scars even more visible.

As your current skin condition sounds dehydrated, good hydration is the priority here. Biotherm Homme Aquapower series has three daily basic care items to tackle your skin needs. All Biotherm products containing an active ingredient called Life Plankton, a micro-organism extract from Thermal Spring Water at French Pyrenees. It helps sooth the skin and aids cell regeneration.

Firstly, wash your face with Aquapower Face Wash which will hydrate your skin and provide a cool sensation, reducing the chance of further skin cuts and nicks when you shave. Next, apply Aquapower Lotion, that’s equivalent to 5,000 litres of Thermal Spa water, to tone up, refresh and soften your skin. You can use it as an after shave lotion too.

In order to enhance moisture retention, apply Aquapower Moisturizer that contains Oligo minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. For instant perfect skin texture before meeting your clients, you can apply Biotherm Homme BB Cream to hydrate your skin and give it a matt texture. The cream has anti-dullness, blemish correction and UV protection properties. Besides the basic daily care regimen, you can continue to use your existing facial scrub twice a week to remove additional skin dead cells.

Apart from using skincare, you need to take a look at your lifestyle too. Consume at least two litres of water a day to promote moisture circulation. Avoid having too many caffeinated drinks and smoking. Regular exercise will also help increase both circulation in moisture and blood, ensuring more oxygen is delivered to skin and cellular waste carried away. Eventually, your skin will look healthier.

Do drop by a Biotherm counter to get a proper skin diagnosis.

Biotherm will be giving Jeremy a Biotherm Homme Aquapower range worth RM270.

I’m in my 40s and have recently noticed that my hair keeps breaking. Although I still have hair that falls from the roots, I worry that a considerable amount seem to be breaking mid length. My hair also looks really dry and lacklustre. How do I counter this problem? My family doesn’t have a history of abnormal hair loss or thinning hair. I’ve always had long hair and lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, and I don’t smoke or drink. Since my hair is almost 70% grey, I colour my hair once every three weeks or so. I really hope you can help. – Annie

According to Kerastase educator, Anderson Cheah, the normal rate of hair loss per day is about 50 to 100 strands. Since your long hair tends to break mid way, it could be due to your hair collagen hardening or an ageing scalp. It could also be due to the frequent use of chemicals on your scalp.

Perhaps you could try the following in salon treatment.

Firstly, you could try the Peeling Purifiant every 14 days. This could help to purifying your build up that led to the hardening of collagen in your scalp in the first place.

Secondly, go for the Acti Base treatment that will help to soften the collagen and provide moisture for your ageing scalp.

For your hair treatment, the Fusio Dose treatment will be suitable; the Oleo Fusion Concentrate with omega and polyphones booster penetrate into hair fibres and will act on the most sensitised zones. It will provide the dry areas deep and targeted nutrition. Your hair natural protection and elasticity is restored while hair fibre is replenished as its density increases.

For your home care,

use Bain Stimulates GL shampoo, a densifying hair bath for thinning hair. It optimises micro-circulation, stimulates hair production and gives volume to thinning hair. Follow up with Nutritive Masque, that will protect against dehydration and provide pptimum shine, suppleness and lightness to hair fibres. It also prevents dehydration and offers lasting nutrition.

Texturise your hair with Initialiste as it contains Regenerator Complex, which protects the environment of the stem cells, optimising the production of quality fibre. As the result, hair becomes stronger and more luminous.

Kerastase will be giving Annie a Bain Stimuliste GL Shampoo and Kerastase Initaliste, altogether worth RM180.

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Change in skin condition


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