Is there life after football for Cristiano Ronaldo?

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  • Wednesday, 06 Apr 2016

Ronaldo models a suit from the Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers collection.

Since early last year, Portugese football star Cristiano Ronaldo has been the face of men's fashion brand, Sacoor Brothers.

With his appointment, Ronaldo, 31, joined a list of ambassadors that previously featured Hollywood actors Patrick Dempsey and William Baldwin.

In the following Q&A, Ronaldo touches on fashion, films and of course, football.

Having had such a long career, what still motivates you in football?

It’s the competition. I want to keep going, and I don’t set time limits for myself as a footballer. I want to enjoy myself and win more games. If everybody had the chance to do what they like doing, I think the world would be a better place.

When the World Cup is held in Russia, you’ll be 33. Will that be your deadline to leave the national team?

I don’t think so. That will depend on my physical and psychological condition. I don’t make plans in my sporting career. Everything will depend on my mental and physical condition. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I think the most important thing is this moment, now, how I am. I feel good, I feel motivated and in three years’ time, we’ll see what happens.

At your level, an athlete’s exposure involves a bit of acting. Do you agree?

In my opinion, acting is a different kind of work. It’s very complicated. I think it’s a very interesting but difficult profession. That’s why I’m sure sooner or later I’ll be cast in some film or other. I have no doubt about that. But I’ll just do small things to begin with, to gain experience.

Ronaldo models a suit from the Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers collection.
Ronaldo models a suit from the Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers collection.

Do you see yourself acting in a Hollywood film?

Why not? It’s not my goal at the moment, but I’ve had a few invitations. Because of my training schedule and games, it’s been complicated. But I’m not closing any doors. That’s an area that I actually like.

When the opportunity arises, will you play a tough guy?

No, I wouldn’t want to be a lead actor. I’d like to do small parts. I’d like to learn, to be surrounded by good actors. That’s the only way to learn, as it’s an area I’m not familiar with because it has nothing to do with football. But I think I could get there, with practice.

Do you feel a need to go out unnoticed?

I’m used to it now, I don’t look at it like that anymore. Obviously, at the beginning, it was a bit strange. In my first year, I could still go unnoticed but there came a time when that became impossible.

If you could walk down the street without being recognised, what would you do?

I’d go to a shopping centre, for example. I’d buy a bag of popcorn and a Coke. I’d go with my friends and spend two or three hours to watch a movie. And after that, I’d buy some clothes!

Speaking of clothes, do you only choose fashion that you identify with?

Fortunately, I’m able to choose what I like. Sacoor Brothers is a label I’ve always like and can relate to. That’s why we’re in partnership and I’m pleased about that. I really like the fashion world. It’s not by chance that I have shirts, my own boxers, fragrance and headphones. And more things will be coming soon. I’m happy because my projects are growing and I can safely say that, after football, what I’ll be doing is partly my own idea.

I want my label to keep on growing in different product areas, and that the name Cristiano Ronaldo will last forever and can be passed down to my children. That’s my main objective.

What motivates you in life?

To keep doing my work at the highest level. Maintaining this level throughout so many years is extremely difficult. You can count on your fingers the number of top footballers who were able to maintain their status for so long. I feel very privileged to be one of them.

Accessories for men range from ties to cuff links.
Accessories for men range from ties to cuff links.

Ever worry about the time when you’ll have to hang up your football boots?

In a way, that motivates me to work even harder. The longer I am at the highest level, the better the future will be because it brings more things with it, such as contracts. That’s my major motivation because I know that when football is over for me, I’ll have plenty to do.

New collection

The Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers limited edition collection is available at nine boutiques around the world, including one of them in Malaysia (Sacoor Brothers, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur).

The collection includes reinvented classics that combine shapes, colours and textures inspired by the cities where Sacoor Brothers is present, from Lisbon to Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

There are seven suits to reflect the superstar footballer’s jersey number. They are called Bohemian Chic (contemporary and ideal for bohemian spirits), Easy Suit (versatile suit), Sartorial Style (classic double-breasted blazer), Neo-Decadent Suit (avant-garde), Modern Tailor-Made (classic style), Bold Suit (timeless and bold) and Glamour Suit (classic reinvented).

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