Kick Ass Girls

  • Movie Review
  • Friday, 22 Nov 2013

Starring : Chrissie Chau, Hidy Yu, Dada Lo, Chris Tong, Chui Tien You

Director : Cheuk Wan Chi

Release Date : 21 Nov 2013

It’s kind of bad, but you won’t be able to resist the girls!

IN the vast world of international cinema, some films are just critic-proof by nature. I’m not just talking about the sure-fire blockbusters like the Transformers or Iron Man movies though, for deep in the faraway lands of B or even Z grade movies, lies a whole strange subculture of bad movies that are so bad, their titles alone make fanboys the world over drool with anticipation for their “so bad it’s kind of good” greatness.

The world leader for this sort of movies is undoubtedly Japan, home to such unforgettable titles like Big T*ts ZombieRoboGeishaThe Machine GirlZombie Ass and much more. Despite what the production notes for Kick Ass Girls might say, with regards to writer-director Cheuk Wan Chi’s respectable and festival-laden credentials (she’s written award-winning screenplays for movies that have been screened at the Berlin Film Festival, among others), a mere glimpse of the various posters for Kick Ass Girls will remind the initiated of the glory of the noted titles above.

My suspicions were confirmed the minute the film’s opening scene unfolded – it was filled with the same kind of awkwardly edited and borderline performances that make these so-bad-it’s-good movies endearing.

Still, as a whole, Kick Ass Girls is a much more solidly executed film than any of the titles I mentioned, meaning, it’s more of a “real” or “traditional” film than any of those can ever hope to be.

The story begins with Bao (or Boo, as spelled by the English subtitles), played by Chrissie Chau, the owner of a boxing gym bearing the same name as the film’s title who’s down on her luck both financially and personally after falling out with her childhood friend TT (Hidy Yu, of the singing duo OctoBeez). The boy-crazy and frankly very cute Miu (Dada Lo) later comes into the picture as an instructor at Bao’s gym, to help attract more male customers.

Three’s company: Put three sexy girls together and people invariably get hot and bothered, like in Kick Ass Girls.

The film’s cheeky and highly amusing first bit – in which we get to see the kind of tricks that Bao pulls to get the male customers to sign up for more hours – will get the male audience giggling with delight, no matter how obvious or silly the jokes are. To call a spade a spade, this is quite frankly a shameless exploitation film, poking fun at horny males, while at the same time taking advantage of the physical attributes of its very comely female cast, even if it’s written and directed by a woman.

I’m not complaining one bit though, because this is the kind of eye candy that easily enables you to forgive almost anything thrown your way, including a sudden and supremely clichéd twist into human trafficking territory, just to provide an excuse for our three heroines to get into long dresses and fight other scantily clad girls in an illegal fighting ring.

It’s kind of like watching the terrible Thai movie Bangkok Knockout (aka B.K.O), but with very attractive girls doing the fighting, which somehow made things quite okay!

Being a Malaysian co-production, this whole B.K.O. part of the story takes place somewhere in Malaysia, with Malaysian actress Chris Tong playing the baddie Zhu Ge, who tricks them into thinking they were recruited as her bodyguards.

Somewhere along the line, the girls pay a visit to some sort of surreal karaoke joint with half-naked male dancers and male GROs, but with dangdut songs blaring out loud.

To add to the bewilderment, the three heroines easily dispatch Zhu Ge’s male goons before they get recruited by Zhu Ge as her bodyguard. After that encounter, they somehow manage to pummel at least 20 dudes who are armed with sticks and iron rods when it’s time for their final escape and requisite final fight.

And yet, through all this, the guy in me just couldn’t help but giggle and smile at the sight of three beautiful girls kicking ass. The magic’s already there in the title, and once you’ve bought into it, you’ll devour it hook, line and sinker!

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Kick Ass Girls


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