Crunching the numbers for a mathematically predicted Year Of The Pig

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  • Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019

The Universal Year 3 is made up of the magical number 21, a golden number which contains the blueprint for wealth and success.

This year ushers in the Universal Year “3”, which is associated with optimism, luck and creativity– and according to Singaporean numerologist Gracy Yap, the energy for 2019 is “light, cheerful and promising”.

A Universal Year means that people will experience the energy of a particular number all through that period. It’s like driving on one road all year long.

In numerology, when 2019 is reduced to a single digit, it adds up to “three”: 2+0+1+9 = 2 (2+0) and 10 or 1 (1+9) = 21 (2+1) = 3. The Universal Year 3 is made up of the number 21, a golden number that contains the blueprint for wealth and success.

So if 2018 was a challenging year and progress was slow at manifesting your dreams, Yap predicts 2019 has a better outlook.

Success And Abundance

“It’s a year where we shall experience success and abundance,” says Yap, author of Secrets Of Golden Numbers. 

The numeral 21 represents The World card (the ruling tarot card of the year). If this card appears in a reading, it’s auspicious. It’s the final blessing of the Major Arcana (78-card tarot deck) and symbolises that you’ve arrived at a place where you can fulfil your dreams.”

She adds, “The numeral 21 signifies advancement and success in life, honour and victory after a hard fight. It means you’ve come to the end of a cycle or concluded a long-term project and new doors are opening.”

Yap says the wreath – the World card features a naked woman dancing above the Earth holding a staff in each hand, surrounded by a green wreath, being watched by various creatures –

suggests that you’ll be crowned with accolades and awards, and will have the world in your hands.

“You should shoot for the stars and actively contribute your talents or time to serve more people,” she advises. The World card is also associated with travel. “This can literally mean travel or a journey inward to find answers within,” she adds.

Gracy Yap, author of Secrets Of Golden Numbers. Photo: Gracy Yap

The World card is symbolic of success and satisfaction.

The number three is associated with Fire, and 2019 is especially favourable to the Fire sign or those with the number 1 (born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th day or those with a Lifepath 1); number 3 (born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th or those with a Lifepath 3); and number 9 (born on the 9th, 18th and 27th day or those with a Lifepath 9).

To calculate your Lifepath number, you reduce the digits of your birth date to a single digit while excluding 11 and 22 which are Master Numbers. However, Yap warns, success only comes to those who take action as Fire is action-oriented.

In Chinese astrology, 2019 is the Yin Earth Pig Year. In numerology, numbers with the Earth element are 8, the money magnet (born on the 8th, 17th and 26th day or those with a Lifepath 8); and the number 6 which is endowed with heavenly luck, teaching mastery and wisdom (born on 6th, 15th and 24th day or those with a Lifepath 6).

Earth (the ruling element) signifies power, status and public recognition. And according to Yap, those who want to get ahead, to climb the corporate ladder, get a promotion or attain greater power and authority should activate the Earth element – like a potted jade plant or cushions in earthy tones of brown and green – in their home or office.

She adds that this year’s themes are victory, community, movement, change and success.

Scorpio is the Western zodiac sign counterpart for the Pig in the Chinese zodiac. “Scorpio’s outlook this year is about power and money,”

she says.

“The Universal Year 3 is associated with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion. Jupiter’s other name is Zeus, the Greek god who rules over the other immortals on Mount Olympus. So this year is about taking action and turning your dreams into reality.”

But she also says that “Scorpio may have to work at two jobs or multiple sources of income to achieve power, status and wealth.”

The numerical vibration of a Universal Year 3 foretells of new jobs, businesses, love, travel or relocation, happiness, weddings, career advancement and good fortune. However, it also warns against recklessness and taking huge risks in money-related matters.

Yap says one should not be hasty in making important decisions, particularly those born on the 2nd, 11th or 20th (related to the Water sign) or those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd (Air sign) that clash with the ruling element of 2019.

Her advice: Avoid rushing into decisions concerning career changes, relocation, new business ventures, change of pace, or romance and marriage.

Meanwhile, the Number 3 archetype personality (born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th or has Lifepath 3) is charismatic, optimistic, task-oriented and a risk taker. “The general view is you can feel upbeat about 2019 but trying times are not over,” Yap foresees.

“You should create your own luck and take your chances when you have planet Jupiter ruling the year. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, is associated with Number 3.

“Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so if you have Sagittarius in your zodiac sign or birth chart, your stars will shine this year. Other than Sagittarius (a mutable Fire sign), 2019 also favours other Fire signs such as Aries and Leo.”

Ample Opportunities

Jupiter beams brightest at the start of the new year (Jan 1) and shines its lucky beams again on Aug 11, 2019 through Jan 1, 2020. So you still have one “window” in that latter period to maximise luck.

Meanwhile, Mars (the energy booster planet) and Venus (the planet for love and money) will not be going retrograde (fully functional). By Yap’s calculations, this means you’ll have a full year to plan your vision and make your dreams come true.

“Mars will assist you in successful product launches and bring lots of projects to fruition. With a galaxy of planets supporting the year, the arts, publishing, broadcasting, technology, e-commerce, science and invention, travel and finance sectors are thriving industries,” she predicts.

There are ample opportunities for wealth and recognition too, if you engage with governments and multinational corporations. And it’ll be a busy year for the stock market though profits may not be so healthy.

So, Yap advises not to put all your eggs in one basket and instead to diversify into long-term wealth assets like property, fixed deposits, and income plans with stocks that pay dividends either monthly or quarterly.

During the Jupiter retrograde, Yap also warns that one should avoid taking risks, particularly from Apr 10 to Aug 11 this year. During this 123-day period, don’t go overboard in your investments.

She says obstacles and delays are anticipated when Mercury, which rules all forms of communication, goes retrograde (Mar 5-28, Jul 7-Aug 1, Oct 31-Nov 20). Don’t sign any deals or buy IT gadgets in this period.

Oh, and one last thing Yap wants you to know: auspicious colours for 2019 are pink and coral. Pink is for love and happiness, she says, while coral gives you courage, promotes happiness and heals blood-related diseases.

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