Feng shui tips on how to avoid bad qi in the Year Of The Pig

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  • Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019

Feng shui master Raymond Lo suggests to hang a piece of red paper in the South to minimise the effects of bad star No. 3 – a star of conflict and robbery this year. — Filepic

In the Year Of The Pig, a bad energy called “Five Yellow” arrives in the southwest. It symbolises obstacles and misfortune, so Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo suggests hanging a metal wind chime in the southwest area of your home to dissolve this negativity.

Wait, there’s more. Bad star No. 2, symbolising sickness, arrives in the northeast. Traditionally, you’d hang a string of six metal coins here to avert misfortune. But the Grand Duke is in the affected area this year, so it’s unfavourable for construction or excavation work to be done in this direction.

It’s also not advised that you sit with your back against the west, as you’ll be sitting against the unfavourable energy of the “Three Shars” (a.k.a. “Three Killings”). And for that matter, the southeast is described as the “Crash Position” against the Grand Duke, so it’s not a good place to sit in either.

As if that’s not enough, Lo warns us to watch out for bad star No. 3 – representing conflict and robbery – coming in the south. He suggests putting a piece of red paper in this position to ward off its negative influences.

And then there’s bad star No. 7, representing scandals, in the southeast. Lo’s solution is to place a three-piece bamboo plant in a clear glass vase of water in this area.

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The God Of Wealth is popular wherever he goes. Filepic

Meanwhile, Malaysian feng shui master Kenny Hoo cautions us to not disturb or interrupt the qi in areas with negative energy in our homes and offices to avoid mishaps. “Avoid decorative items in red, yellow or brown in the northeast and southwest areas, to prevent accumulation of negative qi.”

On the plus side, lucky colours for 2019 include earthy, amber hues of spiced honey. Think creme brulee. Also, positive qi can be found in the north, centre, west, northwest and east.

Hoo recommends spending more time and activities in these areas to trigger all that good energy. This can attract a lot more fortune and noble people or helpers. “Decorate the centre, northwest, east and south in more spiced honey tones to boost wealth, career, luck, love and health,” he says

In the north, use more bluish-coloured items to accumulate better qi for greater career, wealth and academic results. Meanwhile, Hoo says that on the first day of Chinese New Year, the God Of Wealth was in the south while the God Of Happiness and of Nobility were in the southeast.

“If you made good wishes or prayed for luck facing these directions from 12am-1am, 1am-3am, 3am-5am, 7am-9am and 11am-1pm, you will resonate with the positive qi effectively,” he predicts.

According to Hoo, making good wishes or praying early in the morning on the first day of the Lunar New Year brings about fortune and good vibes for the whole year.

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