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  • Saturday, 28 Jan 2017

Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo says the year of the yin Fire Rooster is a good year to have babies. - rAYMOND LO

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The yin Fire Rooster year is a good year to have babies. Renowned Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo says it is quite rare to have both Nobleman and Academic stars appearing in the same year.

The Nobleman star will pave a smooth path and ensures support from others. The Academic star signifies intelligence and a passion to study and seek knowledge.

“Both these stars appear twice in the 60-year cycle – yin fire Rooster year and yin water Rabbit year. A similar good year to have babies will be 2023, which is a yin water Rabbit year,” he says.

This year, the Rooster is a “nobleman” for certain people, particularly those born with any birth year ending with the number 6 or 7 (such as 1956, 1957, 1966, 1967, 1976, 1977, 1986, 1987, 1996, and so on). These individuals will have guardian angels to help them, he says.

The Rooster people (who are offending Tai Sui or Grand Duke of Jupiter this year) can expect a bumpy ride this year. They may face disharmony, irritation, worries and frustrations, and experience ill health.

Lo also says people born in the Rabbit year can anticipate more travelling or movements such as changing jobs or moving house.

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Babies born in 2017 will reap the benefit from two stars, Nobleman and Academic, which both appear this year.

But they should also minimise travelling directly towards the West (the direction of the Tai Sui or Grand Duke of Jupiter).

To minimise the negative influence of the clash, Lo advises the Rabbit to carry a Dragon pendant.

People born in the year or day of the Monkey, Rat and Dragon can expect a busy year of socialising, possibly forging friendships with the opposite sex.

Lo says: “Pig and Rabbit people will have more chance to travel.”

On the general outlook for the year, Lo says the Rooster year is symbolised by two elements – Yin Fire sitting on top of Metal.

Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo says the year of the yin Fire Rooster is a good year to have babies. Photo: Raymond Lo
Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo says the year of the yin Fire Rooster is a good year to have babies. Photo: Raymond Lo

According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which governs the inter-relationship between the elements, Fire conquers Metal. Hence, these two elements appear to be on a destructive cycle and signify disharmony, says Lo.

Yin fire, he says, is associated with fire disasters, explosions and firearms. As the year elements (Fire and Metal) are in conflict, international conflicts and clashes will still persist.

The yin Fire element is also related to birds, aeroplanes and flying objects. As the fire is “flickering and unstable,” he predicts air disasters. Nevertheless, the yin Fire element also brings development in flying objects and space exploration.

The Rooster is also regarded as a strong Metal and it also relates to machinery, cars and trains. So this year, there is a likelihood of more traffic accidents involving cars and trains.


A yin Fire year offers hope for a good performance in the stock market. But Lo warns: “Prepare for a big disappointment in the second half of the year!” The bearish market may begin in August and its impact may be long-lasting (until 2022).

Meanwhile, some industries will fare better than others.

Industries such as beauty, fashion, music and entertainment will enjoy a brisk year. Restaurant and eateries too will have good business.

Participants of International Yoga Day in India. — AFP
A file photo of participants of International Yoga Day in India. Yoga centres are some of the businesses that are expected to do well this year. Photo: AFP

It will also be a successful year for those who run energy healing, sports and fitness, and yoga centres.

Water industries such as transport, communication and shipping will also perform quite well.

Lo says the Rooster year is a Peach Blossom year. People born in the year or day of Monkey, Rat and Dragon will appear to have the power of attraction. The negative aspect, however, is sex scandals.


In Chinese metaphysics, yin Fire also represents the heart, blood circulation, brain, nerve system and the eyes. In this yin Fire year, there is likely to be more illnesses related to the heart, blood, brain and nerve as well as inflammation cases.

In the human body, the Metal element is related to the lungs and breathing organs. With Fire attacking Metal, Lo also foresees more incidences of flu and other breathing organ or skin (inflammation) problems.

Another area that requires caution relates to accidents causing injury to the backbone, limbs, fingers and toes (as yin Metal attacks yin Wood which is related to small bones in the body).

Adapt and survive

The Fire Rooster year will be a year of challenges particularly for those in the Fire industries. People will be more reluctant to spend money with the economic slowdown, says local feng shui master Louis Loh.

Fire industries (food and beverage, design, clothing, performing arts, semi-conductor and electronics, gas and fuel, electrical, processing and manufacturing) will face a tough year. Businessmen need to improve their products and services. The buzzword is to adapt and survive!

Loh says those in the Metal sector (steel, finance and banking, jewellery and pawn industries, insurance, machine-related industries) need to be cautious. These industries will still be doing relatively well but not as well as in the past few years.

Feng shui master Louis Loh says the most auspicious colours on the first day of Chinese New Year will be yellowish brown. Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah
Feng shui master Louis Loh says the most auspicious colours on the first day of Chinese New Year will be yellowish brown. Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah

There will be jobs in this sector but not all will bring financial rewards. “Protect your interest in black and white to prevent disputes arising from clients being unwilling to pay for services rendered,” Loh advises.

Wood industries (newspaper and publishing, sales, nurseries, wood furniture, vegetarian food manufacturing, tea, civil service and education) will experience a mediocre year. Loh says those in plantations, civil service, politics, stationery and education need to prepare for changes and make small reforms to reap profits.

Water industries (seafood, water conservation, engineering, hotel, air-conditioning, postal services, frozen food, mobile vendor, import and export trading and travel) will perform better this year when compared to last year. This is due to the presence of the Water element which also symbolises wisdom. However, it is best to cooperate with others in the same sector for mutual benefit than to work alone, he says.

The waterfall at Hutan Lipur Kancing, Selangor. Water industries are expected to perform better this year. Photo: The Star/Muhamad Shahril Rosli

Those in Earth industries (livestock, cemetery-related, fertilisers, agriculture, ceramics, shoe manufacturing, waste disposal, property agents, builders, contractor, plastics and housing developers) will see a weak year and receive less external help. They will reap less profits this year.

Those in this sector need to maintain a positive attitude to weather bumpy rides throughout the year, Loh says.

Lucky colours, auspicious times

Lucky colours for the year would depend on an individual’s Bazi (Eight Characters in Chinese or Four Pillars of Destiny), explains Loh.

A person with too much Fire element should wear colours related to Earth and Water elements to balance the energy.

Generally, he says, the most auspicious colours will be yellowish brown on the first day of Chinese New Year. You can also pick this colour as the theme colour for your event.

Loh says the most auspicious time to welcome the God of Wealth is on the first day of the Lunar New Year, which is a Wood Rabbit day, from 11pm to 1am (Jan 28, 2017).

The auspicious directions are Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.

Zodiac signs offending Tai Sui (Grand Duke of Jupiter) this year are Rooster (most serious), Rabbit, Dog and Rat (least serious). Zodiac signs that offend the White Tiger spirit are Snake, Rooster, Ox and Boar.

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