Headless spooks and carpark hauntings

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  • Saturday, 29 Aug 2015

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It's Ghost Month. Here are a few tales of terrifying encounters with the supernatural.

Headless ghost

Moorthy. a contractor, will never forget the night that he and four co-workers saw a headless ghost.

“No one believed us and accused us of being nyanyuk (senile),” he said.

“One night, 18 of us were having a Merdeka party at the (construction) site of a five-storey apartment building when we looked up and saw someone standing on the scaffolding. We called out to him but he walked out of sight,” he said.“Later, the site manager did a head count and said all workers were accounted for at ground level.” It was then that the group realised it was not one of them on the scaffolding.

The workers saw the apparition again another night – and it was a headless ghost. “Three of us later fell sick,” Moorty said.

Midnight showers

A young couple in their 20s were hanging out in their condo when relatives came to visit last year. When they needed to use the toilet, they went to use the ones at the swimming pool.

“It was past midnight when I used the female toilet. I heard someone showering in one of the cubicles. My partner who was in the male toilet heard the same thing. We called the guard to investigate but he told us the floor at both toilets was dry.

“Entering the male toilet, he felt a cold breeze blow past him from one cubicle. He rushed out in a panic. That guard has since resigned.”

Her partner once claimed that he saw “movement” in the pool as if something had disturbed the water. But no one was in it at the time.

Carpark haunting

A British man and his son once camped out in a basement carpark with an infrared camera and some beer. They wanted to investigate a haunting.

“Once, he looked into the camera and saw an apparition. But when he looked in that direction, he could not see anything,” said Dave, a former tenant there.

“The teenage son, who also saw the apparition, vomited blood and fell sick. He was agitated and crying. The family has since moved out.”

Hell notes are burned during the Ghost festival in Carpenter Street, Kuching, Sarawak. Photo: The Star/Zulazhar Sheblee
Hell notes are burned during the Ghost festival in Carpenter Street, Kuching, Sarawak. Photo: The Star/Zulazhar Sheblee

Stomped by a spook

A worker approached a pregnant woman walking in the basement of a highrise building’s carpark and fainted suddenly. According to a former tenant of the building, the attending doctor in hospital said it appeared as though his chest had been stomped on.

Later, various priests and an Indonesian imam were called in. Apparently, the imam succeeded in getting rid of the ghost – the spirit of a pregnant woman who used to work at the site and died before the building was completed. Her soul could not leave the place and roamed the grounds, particularly along the perimeter fence and basement carpark.

During the ritual, a feast comprising 10 goats, 10 chickens, rice and two trays of eggs was offered. The paper effigy of a house was burnt together with Indonesian currency. The ghost was never seen again.

Women in white

Contractor Richard Chan, in his 50s, said his workers complained of an eerie feeling while working in a bungalow in Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur. The security guard and sweeper reportedly saw women in white on the premises.

“The guard was sleeping on one of the tables. When he woke up, he found himself on another table,” said Chan, who offered prayers to appease the spirits the next day. There were no further disturbances. Apparently, the body of a murder victim had been dumped in the vicinity some time previously.


Children of a lost age

Jessica (not her real name) recalled how her aunt and uncle had a creepy encounter when they first moved into an old bungalow.

“They saw two young children in clothes from a different era staring at them by the bedside. They did not dare get up, but rolled over and went back to sleep,” she said.

“In the morning they both talked about it and realised they were not dreaming!”

Fortunately, it was a one-off sighting.

Four-digit ghost

Sanjeev, a condo maintenance worker, once had a ghostly encounter with a spirit that smoked. A man came up and asked for a cigarette. Sanjeev obliged and continued with his work. When he looked up the next moment, there was nobody around – the man seemed to have vanished into thin air!

Terrified, Sanjeev left in a hurry. Later, he returned to find a 4D number on a piece of paper stuck to his vacuum cleaner. He claimed that he made a modest sum when he wagered on the number.

Fatal attraction

Two years ago, a cleaner in his 30s took a bath at the workers’ quarters of a condominium in Petaling Jaya. As he opened the bathroom door, he glanced sideways and saw a figure in white sitting motionless on the toilet.

“It had hair that reached the ground, said CK, a former worker at the condo. “The cleaner lost his voice for a week and had high fever. When he could talk again, he told his story. He returned to Indonesia to seek treatment. No bomoh could cure him. Sadly, he never recovered from his fever and died a month later.”

(All names have been changed.)


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