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  • Monday, 31 Mar 2014

We girls know how much we do to look and feel good.

Come on, admit it. Those impractical but oh-so-pretty high heels that you cherish but only worn twice. The diets and regiments. All the cleansers and moisturisers with magic ingredients. Lipsticks, blush and eye shadow. We all have our little tricks, tips and indulgences.

Yet there may be one little, but very important part of our body that we may not pay enough attention to. More so after we’ve started a family.

However, this little part can make all the difference in revealing a more confident, and much sexier you!

What is this little part you ask?

Well, have you ever heard of the pelvic floor muscles (PFMs)? They are a group of muscles that literally support you “down-there” as they control your bladder, vagina, bowel and uterus. It’s not the vagina specifically; it’s more like a system of muscles that are also responsible for orgasmic contractions and tightness in the vaginal canal, among other things.

If you would like to know specifically where they are, here’s how to identify your PFMs: simply start and stop your urine flow. If you are able to stop your urine stream, you’re using your PFMs!

They are also an important support system that often goes neglected. After all, the “v-word” is frequently regarded as mildly taboo in our society, only to be uttered by medical professionals, our partners and among the girls. How often do we read honest articles about how to really take care of ourselves down there, disregarding the whitening, tightening spam ads that bombard us daily online?

Before we go further, lets talk about what are pelvic floor muscles and why they are so important.

Your PFMs are basically the command centre of your pelvis. They hold the all-important job of holding all your pelvic organs in their correct positions, supports your spine takes care of your posture. They hold your pelvic organs in their correct positions and prevent them from falling into the vaginal canal. They also hold your baby in during pregnancy and help you push the baby out during childbirth. They control urine flow, preventing incontinence and most importantly, they help you and your partner achieve the most sexual satisfaction!

As it is for every part of our body, the pelvic floor muscles suffer stress throughout our lifetime.

In a perfect world, our body cells will simply regenerate overnight, revealing a sparklingly perfect body in the morning. Our bodies would remain firm and toned effortlessly, and no one ever whispers, “She let herself go.” In a perfect world, there are also no wrinkles or cellulite, breasts remain forever perky and vaginas wedding-night-tight.

However, time is rarely a friend and many factors contribute to the weakening of our pelvic floor muscles including menopause, pregnancy and a lack of education on strengthening this crucial part of our bodies.

Joyous events like celebrating a new baby are counterbalanced with the fact that as we grow older, and stretch our body to its limits, some things just never go back to the way they used to be.

Studies show that 30% of women experience urinary incontinence in their life, especially after giving birth. 37% experience sexual dysfunction and a staggering 77% report a decrease in frequency of sex and sexual satisfaction. A weakened pelvic floor muscle may not seem like much, but strengthening it could mean the world to your confidence, self-esteem and love life.

That’s why we’re here. To show you the easiest possible way to exercise your PFMs, your gateway to a more feminine and sexy you.

The best part is, improving this small but important part of yourself does not cost a lot, and it only takes up 5 minutes of your time everyday!

Introducing the Vibrance Kegel Device. It’s an award winning device that is medically proven to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, with strength enhancing sheaths that improve abdominal tone and promote better posture. With just 5 minutes of exercise everyday, you can alleviate back pains, bladder control problems, prevent pelvic organ prolapse and even decreased sexual satisfaction.

We believe it’s every woman’s right to feel amazing. That’s why, for a limited time only, the Vibrance Kegel Device comes with 1 Free Bottle of Vibrance Lubricant, 1 Free bottle of Vibrance Cleanser and Free CR1220 Batteries worth RM180.

Vibrate your way to amazing, vibrate your way to Vibrance!

Bioinfinity guarantees your satisfaction with the Vibrance Kegel Device. The Vibrance Kegel Device comes with a 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days for a refund.

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