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  • Sunday, 24 Aug 2003

By Jaguar Speaks

I want to take a short break from our Crystal Series as we celebrate National Day this coming week to raise the good vibrations of our Nation. I want to encourage everyone to start saying thank you for everything. 

Thank you means “I unconditionally love and accept you and what you have shared with me” (remember we talked about the power of unconditional Love a few weeks ago). 

To open the door of happiness and health we need to relearn the secret and energy in “Thank you”.  

To say thank you is to accept that everything we receive from the Universe (God) is to help us achieve our life's vision. (Another way of looking at GOD is “Good Orderly Direction”.)  

Thank you means we accept the learning. Thank you means accepting the past. Thank you means opening the door to the future. Thank you means I am happy now – no matter what may have happened. No matter what the circumstance. 

I am happy. I am life. I am love. I am one. 

I always want to do the best for myself. The best for myself has to mean the best for others whom I connect with, as we are all one. 

I no longer need rewards and recognition because of my thankful approach to life (But I thankfully receive it, if it is given freely.) 

In helping myself I help all. 

In being thankful myself I create thankfulness in all. 

I acknowledge that within me is all the power I need to live a productive life in service to others. Then I experience life to the full. 

I become a giver instead of a taker. 

A giver is always thankful. And attracts other giving people into their life. 

A taker is thankful only when they get what they want (as opposed to need) and wants are never satisfied. They also attract other takers into their life. 

A thankful person is also a forgiving person. It is impossible to be thankful and hold a grudge or ill feeling to anyone (including myself). 

When I remember I am one with all and one is all, I have to be thankful. 

Being thankful is my divine gift. It is my birthright to be thankful. 

Givers always receive and are thankful for everything they receive. Givers say thank you and recognize those who give to them. Givers give gifts unconditionally without expectation of reciprocation. They know the universe is never in debt to anyone. Givers know that whatever we give unconditionally will always return to us multiplied just as long as our gift is unconditional. 

Takers are stealers. They always want and never have enough. (And sometimes they try to masquerade as givers.) 

There is a reason the indigenous people of the world start their day everyday by giving thanks. They know and prove every day that by saying thank you in advance they guarantee everything they want will come to them, as they need it.  

Everything – food, water, healing – all things. 

They acknowledge the seven directions of life. North, South, East and West, Heaven and Earth. And, finally and perhaps the most important, Myself. 

We keep our power by giving unconditional love in everything and saying thank you. 

Part of the reason I wanted to write this article this week is that, as a Nation, we need to relearn the art of Thank You. One of the first words I learnt in the Malay Language was “Terima kasih”. Today we tend to tend to shorten it to “Ma kasih” and in doing so perhaps we are robbing the expression of its energy and so robbing ourselves. 

As we celebrate National Day this week, send a SMS to those who are special (business, family, friends, bosses, co-workers and everyone you know) and just say thank you. 

Say thank you to your friends, male and female, of every religion and race. 

Say thank you just because you are thankful. 

Say thank you because you live in Malaysia. 

Say thank you that you can share and enjoy the beauty of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity because you live in Malaysia. 

Say thank you to our retiring Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. Better yet, why not send him a small crystal. A crystal given in love and thanks is one of the best ways of saying thank you to someone. 

We have seen that crystals are not expensive so send the PM a crystal to his office in Putra Jaya with a note that says, “We are one, thank you.”  

Regardless of our race, religion or political preference, send a small crystal to the Prime Minister. You may also want to send a thank you to the Deputy Prime Minister to thank him for what he is going to do in leading our nation to greater heights. 

Lets start a thank you-athon. Write letters to the newspapers and say thank you for something. In our schools, colleges and universities, let’s start thank you-athons.  

Just imagine what we could achieve if started saying thank you for everything instead of always asking for everything. Perhaps we might even be more prosperous. 

At the KL World Peace Conference recently one of the speakers shared that in our world today we have just enough religion to hate one another but not enough religion to love one another. 

Let us show the world that in Malaysia all our religions encourage us to love one another and are thankful for all we have. 

Let's make sure all our vibrations are good. 

I have been doing some research into the ancient traditions and the power of one. We know that computers all over the world communicate using a binary code made up of 01. 

“One” is that name given by the indigenous peoples to the supreme being before the names coined by various religions. 

On National Day let's remind ourselves that we are one! (It is our 46th Birthday, which adds to one!) As a nation we are perfect (we just have to believe it). 

In my e-mails I now include the following affirmation. I use it to start my mediations. I also use it at the start of every training program as it reinforces that all of us are one as opposed to the race or religion we freely choose to practice: 

“We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed. Therefore in the name of who I am, and I am one with all, I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen through all dimensions, time and space in the way that is for the highest good. I give thanks that this is done!” 

The reason for including this affirmation is to reinforce my oneness with everyone in Malaysia and on the Earth. It is my way of saying thank you to everyone and everything and to give freely without expectation of any reward. 

This week in the spirit of oneness with all I am suggesting it is time to change our daily affirmation that we have been using for nearly a year now (yes it has been a year with this issue). 

Join with me in saying thank you this National Day. Be a giver not a taker! The rewards of giving far surpass the short-term gains of those who take. 

Malaysia is and should remain a giver to the World. In doing so we will receive from the world. 

My Closing thought: We all carry within us the ingredient that assures happiness today. We can project an attitude of gladness or regret. We can be grateful for our blessings or resentful. We offer love to our fellow Malaysians or harbour envy. When we enter a situation with loving acceptance of whatever we encounter, we discover our inner beauty and strength. Being happy is an option always at our fingertips. It means accepting responsibility for everything in our life. As a Nation we are arriving at our national emotional maturity. Let us never again wait for someone else to make us happy at a national or personal level and never again make excuses for our destiny. We and we alone are responsibility for our future. 

We will return to Crystals in the next issue. In the meantime enjoy your time in your Crystal Circle – experiment and do what feels right. 

Let the jubilation bubble within you, bringing lightness to your being. Feel from the tips of your toes and fingers the movement through all parts of your body as the vibration of energy lightly dances our way through your systems. 

Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for letting me share with you every two weeks. 

Happiness and thankfulness is an endowment not an acquisition. 



  • Jaguar Speaks is the pen name chosen by Mohd Hazri Humphreys for its healing vibrations. He is an Australian who has made Malaysia his home. He is a ‘corporate healer’ and trainer and is the Malaysian representative for the Australian College Of Natural Medicine ( You can write to Hazri at 

    The views expressed are those of the writer and readers are advised to always consult a registered medical practitioner before starting on any alternative therapy. 

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