Architecture-inspired bags from Sembonia-Spark collaboration

Lip service: The Sunray bag, which will be released next month, as part of the Sembonia by Spark series.

Lip service: The Sunray bag, which will be released next month, as part of the Sembonia by Spark series.

The collaboration between a local fashion brand and a design consultancy firm results in cool looking totes.

MANY a fashion designer or brand has dabbled with architecture as inspiration. And when it works, you get some amazing structural creations.

Homegrown brand Sembonia is hoping that some magic will rub off on their latest collaboration. The popular label is working with Spark, an award-winning, internationally-known architectural and design consultancy firm.

At a recent media launch, Sembonia revealed its limited edition collection of tote bags at its boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Aptly named Sembonia by Spark, the collection features eight distinctive designs. Only 50 pieces will be produced for each design. Bag lovers and fans of Spark’s work will be able to show off their love for one-of-a-kind designs with these spacious totes equipped with convenient zippers and top-handle leather straps.

Tough Pink

“This is our first collaboration with a fashion brand and definitely one of the most exciting projects in the history of Spark. We think Sembonia and Spark share a common passion in the pursuit of creating something uniquely different. We believe these bags will make a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts,” said Spark director Stephen Pimbley.

Spark, which has offices in Beijing, London, Singapore and Shanghai, has been operating since 2001. Some of their projects are seen in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Among their projects here can be seen at Starhill Gallery and One Mont Kiara in KL.

Pimbley said that he was working on a project with someone who then asked if he might be interested in collaborating with Sembonia.

One tote design a month from Sembonia by Spark will be made available at Sembonia boutiques in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Mid Valley Megamall, and subsequently available at selected boutiques from now until April next year.

The first tote to be released is the Romanesco. Inspired by the Romanesco broccoli, the design takes after its characteristics, with the branched meristems making a logarithmic spiral, patterned here as a recursive helical arrangement of cones.

This is followed by Origami, which depicts a series of cubes fitted together to create a distinct mosaic pattern, creating a folded, crumply effect. In November, it will be Sunray – which has lithographic print with detailed impression of the smiling sun in Mediterranean blue, creating a carefree persona.

Subsequently, there is Impression, that strives to represent one’s individuality, with the combination of abstracted pattern of overlaid strokes and lithographic texture which creates the illusion of the ridges on a fingerprint.

Start off the new year by revealing the tough cookie in you with Tough Pink – an artistic composition of different objects that emphasises an edgy look themed with the allure of pink.

One can also get wet with Aqua, a monoprint design for those who love the ethereal effects. There’s also the eclectic mood with Pop Culture that pays homage to pop art with colourful and whimsical designs.

End it all with the Drip, which has representations of paint dripping from the top zipper and down to its sides.

The bags retail at RM489.