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  • Sunday, 11 Nov 2012

Writing and directing are ways to bring the smile back to the heart, especially when you cannot be there to help physically.

I WAS a little stuck as to what I wanted to share with you this week because as I shamelessly wanted to plug a show I am currently involved in, I realised there are many things that have caused me to form some sort of mental block. Then I realised that as we suffer and honk in the terrible traffic that comes with mini floods on our roads, and worry about the few hundred that have been displaced in various parts of our country because of the floods, my mind keeps wandering off to those in Haiti, Bahamas, Cuba, Florida and of course the east coast of America. Hurricane Sandy is the biggest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. Millions of lives were affected.

Fortunately many lives were also saved because of early warnings. And fortunately because of technology also, many were able to keep abreast of what was going on with loved ones over yonder.

Billions of dollars of damage was caused. Holidays were cancelled, shows were stopped just as events were too, including the annual New York Marathon, which people travel from far and wide to be a part of. Marathoners from other parts of the world who were already in New York City jumped right in and helped pick up the pieces of the lives of those affected by the storm.

And then we read of our poor ‘liddle” Malaysians who felt “no mood to even walk around because the organisers cancelled it at the last minute.” Seriously? I’m sorry if they were misquoted but that is possibly one of if not the most ridiculously selfish thing I’ve read this year! Even if they had been misquoted, surely the person who wrote the piece could have found a different angle or just not even written it. I’m staring into space and re-reading what I just wrote and it STILL reads ridiculous. I feel so sorry for those “marathoners” of ours. I guess some people are just made for sprints.

Although I’m still hoping they actually got some sense knocked into them while they were still there and actually pitched in with the others and shared some of their Asian love and care. One can but hope. And hope is a powerful thing to pass on to our youth.

And speaking of hope and youth, I recently was one of the judges alongside the likes of Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba and Afdlin Shauki for the second installation of the Berjaya Youth Short Film Competition 2012 ( content&view=article&id=71&Itemid=6).

And boy! Did that cast a bright rainbow my way! I am always refreshed and filled with excitement when I see into the minds and hearts of young creatives through their stories. And competitions such as this one really open it up for the youth by giving them a platform to tell their little stories.

There were some gems in the three given themes, let me tell you. Like I said to those present at the event, I started out as an actor, so I’m very emo – I look for things that move me. I’m also very aural – I heard some delightful and some powerful lines that got me to the core. I am also of the school of thought that less is more – most times it is the unsaid that hits home, rather than preachy, in-your-face type statements.

Congratulations to all the 10 finalists and kudos to Berjaya for giving this to our youth. Though truth be known, with the incredible prize money (RM35K for first prize!), I am so jealous that youth now escapes my own being.

But create we must, and for this week, I seem to be spending a lot of time with Afdlin. Yes, folks, this is where I shamelessly plug us – Actorlympics! is back at PJLA ( For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it’s a bit like Whose Line Is it Anyway? – a series of improvs that will have you in stitches. You can also purchase your tickets online ( and the show will still be on from Nov 14-18.

It’s been great being back on stage this past week, with some of my favourite goofy people, Jason Lo, Rashid Salleh, Douglas Lim, Nell Ng, Kuah Jenhan and Christina Orow. Who is she? Afdlin’s wife – and I think she’s funnier than him. In fact, I think she’s a stark raving loony! Shhh! And as you can see our beautiful mugs here, WE, are your candidates for vice-presidents. Hyuk! hyuk!

For the most part I truly love being behind the scenes these days, writing and directing others for now, but I thank You for this respite and release of laughter You give me and filling this void of needing to be on stage doing what I love, which is to make people laugh. We all need some silliness in life, and if you can’t physically help someone bring some cheer back into theirs by helping them pick up the pieces, you may as well at least try to make their heart smile. With love. And laughter.

Having put it off for far too long, Ida Nerina has finally surrendered to diversifying herself creatively. She continues to be grateful for life’s small mercies. And short people. You can follow her innocuous ramblings on fakebook and other rampant psycho babbling with that blue bird, as she seems to have become a twit with a camera too.

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