Gifted children have super-sensitive needs

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  • Friday, 24 Oct 2014

While not all gifted children are the same, experts have found similar patterns in those exhibiting astounding abilities at an early age.

  •  A gifted child may be more prone to getting his feelings hurt, or he may be more sensitive to loud noises. Some can also be bothered by the seams on socks.
  •  Gifted children are more likely to be concerned over wars, starving children, pollution and other injustice and violence. If overloaded by imageries and discussions of these issues, they can become withdrawn or suffer from existential depression.
  •  Being the perfectionists that they are, gifted children can harbour an immense fear of failure. This may cause a gifted child to avoid failure by refusing to even try something, including a homework assignment.
  •  Having a keen observation, imagination, and ability to see beyond the obvious can cause a gifted child to appear shy, holding back in new situations in order to consider all the implications.


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