High- vs low-maintenance dogs

Dogs like the Husky have a double coat and require constant brushing and detangling as the fur matts easily. Photo: 123rf

A common error that first-time dog lovers make is to select a pet by looks and personality, not realising that maintaining dog fur coats can be tricky.

Cockapoos have dense silky fur. They typically don’t shed very much; however, their coats are prone to matting, so they need regular brushing and trimming.

Generally speaking, dense, shaggy and long fur is gorgeous, but it needs daily combing. For dogs that shed, such complex hair can be particularly difficult to remove from rugs and fabric sofas.

Then there are Pomeranians, German Shepherds, Huskies, German Spitzes and many other dogs who have a “double coat”, meaning they have a dense undercoat and a longer protective topcoat. These thick coats look and feel lovely but when they shed, fur will fly around in clumps.

They also require constant brushing and detangling as the fur matts easily, especially under the paws and tummy.

Double coats require very careful bathing and drying. It is possible to buy the right dryers and to wash and blow-dry your pet yourself, but owners typically take them to the groomer. This takes time and you’ll need a budget.

A dog with a simple thin coat is easier to groom, bathe and take care of.

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