'It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez' is the latest reality show that might just annoy you

Family affair: Dubbed the Kardashians of Southeast Asia, these Philippines tabloid royalties prove that they have what it takes to make ratings gold.

Family affair: Dubbed the Kardashians of Southeast Asia, these Philippines tabloid royalties prove that they have what it takes to make ratings gold.

Every day is a soap opera on E!’s latest reality series It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez.

You know how they say that all the good things in life are either illegal, fattening or immoral. Well, when it comes to E!’s first international reality series It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez, it is also annoying, over the top and simply dramatic.

The series follows the lives of the Gutierrez clan, led by former Filipino soap opera star Eddie “The Legend”, his wife Annabelle Rama “The Boss” and their children – former beauty queen Ruffa, matinee idol Richard and his talk show host twin brother Raymond.

Dubbed the Kardashians of South-East Asia, Philippines’ tabloid royalties prove that they have what it takes to make ratings gold.

Drama for no apparent reason? Check. Tears flowing down heavily made up face? Check. Sibling rivalry? Check. Over reaction to every possible situation? Check.

Yup, the Gutierrez have everything it takes to hook the viewers and keep them tuning in week after week.

In the first episode, we learn that Ruffa was a victim of domestic abuse before deciding to take her two kids and leave her husband. Now, the model is in the midst of finding love.

Also dropping a major bomb early into the series is Richard who finally admits that he fathered a child with his girlfriend Sarah, and that their baby Zion has been living in Switzerland away from his parents all these while.

You mean they waited until the camera is rolling to announce such big news?

Richard and Sarah have finally decided to bring baby Zion to Manila and introduce him to the world although the soap opera star has reservations about how his fans would react to the shocking revelation.

Nevertheless, we get to see Annabelle and Eddie driving to the airport to receive their youngest grandson and handling the big secrecy that surrounds his existence. 

My favourite character has to be big momma Annabelle who proudly announced that she literally hunted her former superstar husband Eddie down and got pregnant in order to force him to marry her.

She was only 13 when she fell in love with the handsome movie star who was 11 years her senior, and made it her life’s mission to bear his children and carry his last name. Six kids later, Annabelle is sure that her husband is here to stay ... or at least she hopes so.

Although we don’t see much footage of Eddie on the show, it is pretty evident that the family is in awe of his achievements and regard him with much respect. The boys do their best to make him proud, and Raymond who has always been in the shadow of his more successful twin brother, tries harder to win the father’s approval.

Although the twins share the same features, Raymond is obviously the heavier brother and openly battles his weight issues in the series as we see him hitting the gym and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, his reckless partying ways threaten to undo all his hard work.

Entertaining and loveable, it is not hard to see why the Gutierrez are adored by many.

Despite some of the characters’ heavy Filipino accent, it is easy for viewers to follow the conversation thanks to the subtitles, although it must be noted that the audio quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The lighting also seems to be a little off in certain scenes and gosh, the make up ... someone has to tell Ruffa that it is okay not to layer on that much of foundation in one sitting.

It is also annoying that the show also does a lot of hard selling, naming almost all of their sponsors and worse, as many times as they could.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez is funny, dramatic and entertaining, and has the potential to become our latest guilty pleasure. Now, if they would only change the absolutely horrendous theme song ...

>Catch It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez every Sunday at 10pm on E! (Astro Ch 712).