In the spotlight: Exclusive interview with MTV VJs Hanli and Alan

Two of the hottest TV personalities share stories about being themselves, having fun and The MTV Show.

MTV VJs Hanli Hoefer and Alan Wong sure are a fun duo. The MTV Show hosts were in Kuala Lumpur recently and took time off their busy schedule to talk about the return of the show and the perks and challenges of being TV personalities.

Hanli and Alan, who have worked together for over a year now, were super eager to dish on their venture into the entertainment scene and share some of their best interviews and experiences as MTV VJs. You’re not going to believe this but they decided on the same assignment! Now, what could that be?

Fans of The MTV Show will also be delighted to find out that Hanli and Alan will each helm new, interesting segments in the upcoming season, which the VJs are only too happy to reveal.

Check out our exclusive interview with the fun duo!

The MTV Show is returning for a third season on April 5 and airs every Saturday at 12.30pm on Astro Ch713.

MTV VJs Alan and Hanli.