Bittersweet beauty

Anugerah Skrin 2011 posted a night of pleasant surprises for comedian/director Sabri Yunus’ telemovie Sanggul Beracun.

IT was a night full of surprises and glamour at the latest edition of TV3’s Anugerah Skrin, an awards night established in 1994 to celebrate the best in local TV, broadcast and film. This year’s event was held at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur last Friday.

Of all the stories of the Anugerah Skrin night, the biggest surprise came when actor/comedian-turned-director Sabri Yunus bagged the best director (drama) award for his directorial debut in the telemovie entitled Sanggul Beracun.

The Kelantan-born Sabri’s contenders for the coveted best director (drama) award included Erma Fatimah (Airmata Nur Salina), Jamal Khan (Masihkah Ada Sinar), Rashid Sibir (Janji Syurga) and Haris Kadir (Yang Terpuji). It was a tough fight.

Big winner: Sabri Yunus whose drama Sanggul Beracun won best drama, best videography, best screenplay and best director. (Inset) Erra Fazira as Siti Aminah in Sanggul Beracun.

Sanggul Beracun, boasting big names such as Erra Fazira and Namron, was also named best drama, beating the other equally strong contenders such as Airmata Nur Salina, Masihkah Ada Sinar, Janji Syurga and Iqra.

As bleak as it sounds, Sanggul Beracun is a heartfelt tale. It tells the story of disfigured Siti Aminah (Erra) who was abandoned by her own mother. If that’s not enough, Siti had to face heart-wrenching challenges and prejudices while she was growing up.

Her quest for beauty is tempered by the black arts in this drama.

The affable Sabri, 50, who is popularly known for his role as Wan Ismail in the popular sitcom Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu and a string of dramas and theatre productions, said that he was shocked that his telemovie grabbed the accolades and was well received.

“This telemovie (Sanggul Beracun) is my first attempt at directing. Honestly, to be nominated at Anugerah Skrin is already an honour ... let alone to win awards!” said Sabri whose drama also took home the best screenplay (drama) and best videography awards respectively.

Remy Ishak with his best actor award (film) for his role in Cun.

“As you can see, I’m speechless with this award (best director). Seriously! Now looking back, I should have started directing a long time ago,” he said with a broad smile. Sabri also had a role in Sanggul Beracun.

He further explained that he started writing the script for Sanggul Beracun after hearing the popular folk tale about a woman named Siti Aminah in Kota Tinggi, Johor, whose life was filled by mystery and murder. Sabri left out the horror elements for his story.

“The hardship and struggles were as far as my story is based on the Siti Aminah myth. The rest is my own creation and yes, I had Erra Fazira in my mind when I was writing the script. But then again, who am I to get Erra in my first ever telemovie? I’m glad she agreed!

“In fact, I also picked an establish director to direct the drama since I don’t have any experience in directing. All my previous work was in scriptwriting and directing comedy sketches and stage shows. However, my production manager told me that I should try to direct the drama as I wrote the script ... so I went ahead and helmed it.”

Despite Erra not winning the best actress (drama) award, Sabri remains proud of her performance in Sanggul Beracun.

“When I came here tonight, I was really hoping that Erra would win. First and foremost, because she is really a good actress and she gave me much more that I expected from her in the Siti Aminah role.

“I’m happy with the awards picked up by Sanggul Beracun but I’m also disappointed because Erra didn’t win,” said Sabri who is now writing a telefilm based on the award-winning novel Hari-Hari Terahir Seorang Seniman by Anwar Ridhwan.

Datin Paduka Umie Aida bagged the best actress (drama) award for Airmata Nur Salina.

Another big winner for the night was the romantic comedy movie Cun which bagged the best director award for Osman Ali, best actor (film) for Remy Ishak and best supporting actress (film) for Nadia Nisaa.

Osman, who looked flabbergasted, said he came to the Anugerah Skrin awards with zero expectations. “My movie Cun is a light-hearted offering and it spins a breezy human relationship tale. I always thought that most of the nominees (for the film category) normally carry serious and heavy issues. Personally, I was already very honoured that we were short-listed. But now that we actually won something for the movie, I’m just extremely grateful to those who supported us!” said Osman, whose previous film works include Anak Halal, Puaka Tebing Biru and Bukak Api.

Datin Paduka Umie Aida (right) with her trophy for best actress award (drama) for Airmata Nur Salina.

At 29, Remy Ishak is as modest as they come. He felt that his best actor (film) award was a bit too early in his young career.

Most expected Remy to win an award with his role as Adam in the highly popular drama series-turned-movie Nur Kasih. However, the Malacca-born actor won the award via his role as the simple kampung boy Atan in Cun.

“I owe this win to Osman Ali because the Atan role (in Cun) is different from any other roles I have played so far. Mention must also be made to the Cun production crew, who helped me a lot,” said Remy.

Remy, who looked flamboyant on the night, is keeping is feet on the ground.

“I’m so new in this industry and to win such a big award was never on my mind. Honestly, when I came here tonight, I just wanted to be a part of such a great event. I knew I was nominated but I didn’t expect to win at all. Nevertheless, now I have to work harder to improve my acting skills,” he added.

Siti Sharizah, or better known as Eja, won the best actress (for film) award with her movie Janin.

Umie Aida’s stirring role as Salina in Airmata Nur Salina meant that she took home the best actress award (drama), while actor Eman Manan walked away with the best actor (drama) award for Janji Syurga. As far as the industry critics and fans are concerned, Umie Aida and Eman were the right picks.

Other major winners for the night were veteran actor Sidek Hussin, who won best supporting actor (movie) for his role in Karak while the whimsical award-winning Magika was named as best film.

For the third year running, it was the Anugerah Yasmin Ahmad award that the audience were most eager about. This award, which honours consistent and outstanding industry contributions, went to actor-director Shamsul Yusof for his work in film and TV. Among the presenters at Anugerah Skrin were Awie Wings, Rosyam Noor, Aaron Aziz, Farid Kamil, Scha Al Yahya, Datin Paduka Umie Aida, Shaheizy Sam and Zahiril Adzim. Co-hosted by Ally Iskandar and Rozita Che Wan, the awards show was aired live on TV3.

List of winners


Best Drama: Sanggul Beracun

Best Director: Sabri Yunus (Sanggul Beracun)

Best Actor: Eman Manan (Janji Syurga)

Best Actress: Datin Paduka Umie Aida (Airmata Nur Salina)

Best Supporting Actor: Faizal Yusof (Jangan Hantar Aku Ke Neraka)

Best Supporting Actress: Elfira Loy (Kum Kum)

Best Screenplay: Sabri Yunus (Sanggul Beracun)

Best Drama Series: Juvana

Best Comedy Drama: Geng Surau

Best Videography: Sanggul Beracun


Best Film: Magika

Best Actor: Remy Ishak (Cun)

Best Actress: Siti Shahriza (Janin)

Best Supporting Actor: Sidek Hussin (Karak)

Best Supporting Actress: Nadia Nisaa (Cun)

Best Screenplay: Erhan Baharudin / Sujin Lee (Aku Tak Bodoh)

In-house Production Category

Best Documentary or Magazine: Yuen Yuet Leng (Suatu Ketika Ep. 12)

Best Talk Show: Selami Jiwa Dato’ Fadzillah Kamsah

Best Musical Show: Shout Awards 2010

Best Entertainment Show: Maharaja Lawak Akhir

Best Reality Show: Showdown 2011 (Top 12 Show)

Best News/Special Report: Pengemis Terhormat (Buletin Utama)

Yasmin Ahmad Award: Shamsul Yusof