Fasha’s other side

New TV series Dewa Cinta – which takes a charming love story and puts a potentially disturbing spin on it – displays a different side to actress Fasha Sandha.

FASHA Sandha needs little introduction, especially since her debut movie, 2003’s thriller, Black Maria.

With more than 20 movies and drama series tucked under her belt, there’s no denying the 27-year-old’s star power, particularly after receiving the accolade of (again for the fourth year) “Most Popular Actress” in the annual roll-call event, Anugerah Bintang Popular, in April.

Exciting: 'June is a singer/musician at a night club and to play her convincingly I had to learn to play the guitar,' says Fasha sandha about her role as June in Dewa Cinta.

And the beautiful Fasha also has had more than her fair share of controversies in recent years where her private life is concerned. Now, putting all those indiscretions behind her, Fasha wants to focus on her career.

“I guess my secret (of being in the industry) is hard work, discipline and commitment,” said the young lass, referring to how she has stayed strong in the fickle-minded movie fraternity.

“Since my first day in this industry, I have always reminded myself that this is the line that I’ve chosen and I’m not taking anything for granted,” said Fasha during the launch of her new drama series, Dewa Cinta, last week.

“I’m here to earn a living and I realise that being highly disciplined and committed to my work is the only way forward.” Hence, despite all the controversies, offers for her talents keep pouring in.

Her previous works include popular drama series like Samson Dan Delaila, Dia Atilia, Kasih ... Relaku Pujuk, Songket Cinta Bertenun Duka, Natasha, Natasha 2, Dengan Nama Cinta, Rumah Itu Duniaku, Mentari Jingga, Usia, Seiras, Sutera Maya, Spa Qistina, Duyung Aridinata and Chinta. Then there’s the upcoming 5 Tahun 5 Minit, as well.

When asked about movies, Fasha said that she had to turn down offers to concentrate on her drama series.

“It’s hard to turn down the movie offers but I don’t want to be greedy, and I like to stay focused on one character at a time, be it drama or movie.

“Granted I have acted in several dramas lately. But seriously, I accepted the offer (of dramas) because all the characters give me a chance to try something new and different. Consequently, it has helped me develop my acting skills,” said Fasha, whose movie credits include Skrip 7707, Cicakman, Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam, Cinta U-Turn, Evolusi KL Drift, Anak Halal, Nana Tanjung 2, 9 September, Cinta, Nana Tanjung and Gong.

“Besides, I also feel that my dramas have brought me closer to my fans, especially those who live outside the big cities.

Fasha and Iqram Dinzly play the lovely couple in Dewa Cinta.

The 24-episode Dewa Cinta is directed by Haris Fadzillah and features Iqram Dinzly, Aida Khalida, Nabila Huda, Bkay Nair and singer Black (of Mentor fame).

Here, fans can see a different side to Fasha, who is known for her goody two-shoes characters. Fasha plays the lead role of Dewi Junita Anastasia, or June, a rebel with a secret past.

“I think what really attracted me to Dewa Cinta is the strong storyline and how the character develops in the series.

“And get this, in Dewa Cinta, June is a singer/musician at a night club and to play her convincingly, I had to learn to play the guitar.

“I really have to thank Black for being so patient with me, teaching me how to play the instrument. If that’s not enough, the fans will be able to see me singing for the first time ever. I performed Endless Love and Dewa Cinta. It was really exciting!”

Based on the best-selling novel of the same title by singer-turned-writer Dhila Hussein, Dewa Cinta is about Iqbal, an adopted son from a wealthy family who falls for older girl, June. Unfortunately for Iqbal, June is waiting for her boyfriend to return from abroad to pursue their dream of becoming musicians together.

Somehow, their friendship blossoms into romance as Iqbal and June find they share so much in common. However, the romance comes to a screeching halt when the lovers are dealt some tragic news.

Dewa Cinta airs on TV3 from Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm.