Nicholas’ screentime

Who better to host a show about movies than a rising star? Meet Nicholas Saputra, Channel [V]’s latest recruit. 

Nicholas Saputra:‘It’s my dream tobe a rock star butthat’s impossible.’

He was an instant heartthrob when he appeared in his first film. Now, almost five years later, Indonesian actor Nicholas Saputra is one of the most popular and acclaimed actors in his home country, as well as Malaysia and Singapore. Well, he is about to get even more exposure now that he has joined the stable of veejays on Channel [V]. 

Saputra will be hosting Screentime, a new segment on Channel [V]’s The Ticket, starting September. The Ticket gives viewers behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with cinema’s newsmakers as well as sneak peeks at new releases. So who better to host a show about movies than a rising star? 

Saputra was just 18 when he starred in his first film, the teen romance drama, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, and instantly won the hearts of fans and critics alike. He continued to woo audiences in his next film, Biola Tak Berdawai, a role for which he had to learn to play the violin. He was nominated Best Actor during the Festival Filem Indonesia 2004 for his performances in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta and Biola Tak Berdawai

For his next film, Janji Joni, Saputra put on the pounds and learnt to play the drums.  

It was evident that one of Indonesia’s youngest and fastest rising stars was taking his work very seriously.  

Saputra also seems to have a knack for music even though he has no formal training. 

When asked in a recent interview whether he had any plan to become a musician, the 23-year-old said: “No. It’s my dream to be a rock star but that’s impossible.”  

During this interview, Saputra looked pretty intense with his long hair combed back. 

He is a music fan and enjoys listening to a wide variety of sounds. Some of his favourite bands include Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, The Beatles and Depeche Mode. 

Saputra has just finished shooting his latest film, Tiga Hari Untuk Selamanya, and he has also just graduated in Architecture from the University of Indonesia. 

“I don’t know what to do yet,” said Saputra when asked if he is going to pursue a career in architecture. “I have a year to think about what I want to do, so I haven’t decided yet.” 

His character, Yusuf, in his latest film, Tiga Hari, is not unlike Saputra in that he is a university graduate. Together with his cousin, Yusuf goes on a road trip from Jakarta to Jogjakarta which changes their lives. 

“My character Yusuf is a product of the big city – he’s young, has just graduated and has to attend a wedding in Jogjakarta. In Jakarta, you grow up in a very modern environment whereas places outside Jakarta are still very traditional. So it’s a clash between the old and the new, and the film talks about what it is to be young and touches on issues like sex and drugs.” 

Saputra also related that because the film deals with sex and drugs, it has been banned in Malaysia. 

“There were scenes that were cut in Indonesia as well but it was very minimal,” said Saputra. 

It is easy to see by the actor’s choice of films, the roles and the amount of films (five movies) he has starred in, that Saputra picks the films he wants to be in. 

“I only act in one movie per year. When I get involved with a project, I have to make sure that I’m comfortable with the film’s producer, director and story. It’s usually the story, which grabs me.  

Saputra in Janji Joni.

“Besides, I love acting,” said Saputra. 

As for his new job as veejay, Saputra said that this would be an “interesting” experience for him. He named Indonesian veejays such as Nadya Hutagalong, Sarah Sechan and Jamie Aditya as some of his favourites. 

Besides work, Saputra – who is currently based in Jakarta – enjoys travelling in and around Indonesia as well as overseas. 

“This year I already travelled to the United States and I’ve been to Acheh and some of the other islands. I spend a lot of time in Bali. I have a lot of friends there and I like the beaches. That’s beaches, not bitches,” laughed Saputra, a tad worried that his thick accent would be misinterpreted.  

Saputra likes the water and spends his time scuba diving and snorkelling when he’s on the islands, especially Bali. 

“I really like Bali. I spend so much time there. Maybe I should just move there,” Saputra contemplated. 

But no matter where he is based, Saputra will be invading your living room now with his slot, Screentime, on Channel [V]’s The Ticket.  

And it’s safe to say that with his smouldering good looks and acting experience, Saputra is a welcome addition.  

Screentime premieres Sept 5 on The Ticket, Astro channel 72 at 8pm.